Unwind and dine – 5 Startup hangout spots in Dublin

Believe it or not, even those pulling the strings at startups need to take a break now and then. In Dublin there are some excellent hangout spots that not only help the startup worker bees unwind, but are also perfectly suitable for a professional meet-up of any kind.


3FE – Lower Grand Canal Street

Coffee really is the fuel that keeps the hive mind of a startup constantly buzzing and that’s why 3FE is such a popular gathering spot for entrepreneurs in Dublin. Shorthand for ‘Third Floor Espresso’, 3FE is café that prides itself on its coffee. Situated on Lower Grand Canal Street, it is a coffee shop with a difference that was set up by Colin Harmon. In 2009, he finished 4th at the World Barista Championships in Atlanta and yes you guessed it… he loves his coffee. (Wifi: Free)

third floor espresso BLOG

KC Peaches – Dame Street, Pearse Street, Nassau Street & Stephens Green

From breakfast to dinner (or even a cheeky second breakfast), this is your go-to restaurant/café with all the healthy snacks you need. With multiple spots around the city, KC Peaches have a great mix of nutritious all-natural snacks that are free from additives, preservatives and artificial flavours at a very affordable price. Their ideology that what you eat can greatly influence both physical and mental health makes it a perfect joint for startup enthusiasts that are always on-the-go. (Wifi: Free)

KC Peaches 1 BLOG

Library Bar – Exchequer Street

If you’re looking for a quiet spot to rattle through some work, then you need look no further than the Library Bar on Exchequer Street. Devoid of the common distractions in regular bars – like rolling Sky Sports News on the TV – it’s an ideal place for a brainstorming session or a fancy meet-up spot if you need to impress someone flying in to discuss big money ventures. (Wifi: Free)

Library Bar BLOG

Jo’Burger – Rathmines & Castle Market

As 1/4 of the Bear/Crackbird/skinflint quartet, Jo’Burger is another popular hangout spot for those in the Dublin startup scene. Specialising in, wait for it… burgers, Jo’Burger also does some of the best chips and potato fries in the city. Located in Rathmines and the Castle Market, it’s hard to go wrong with a quick visit. (Wifi: None)

Joburger BLOG

Science Gallery Café – Pearse Street

With it’s gaping windows and that glasshouse feel, from the outside in, it doesn’t look like there’s much privacy in the Science Gallery café. However, when you’re on the inside looking out, it can be quite soothing to watch the world go by. Serving a diverse selection of food and all important coffee, the Science Gallery has that nice bustling atmosphere that all startups thrive on. (Wifi: Included in free Science Gallery membership)

Science Gallery BLOG

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