Hail a jet and three more quirky startups coming to Web Summit

Let’s take a look at four quirky startups who will be exhibiting at Web Summit in three months time. Meet…


In three words: Hail a jet

Funding raised: $14 million


Biggest hurdle: “Getting the system to run fast enough to be a viable consumer proposition. The first time we ran a search it took us 20 minutes to search through 500 aircraft. We lost investor confidence and at one point my whole staff had to work for three months without pay. But we all believed in what we were doing. We’ve now got that down to 10 seconds.”

Their Web Summit plan: “We are always on the look-out for potential partnerships – across all sectors, not just private aviation – and Web Summit is an excellent opportunity to network with a view to collaborating.”


In three words: Midnight snacks on-demand

Funding raised: $8.25 million Series A

web summit startup_Quotes

Biggest hurdle: “Educating the public and showing how different we really are than the rest of the on-demand delivery space.”

Their Web Summit plan: “Finding up-and-coming companies that can improve our delivery logistics even further. We’ve integrated the API of four companies that we met last year in Web Summit and Collision.”

SAM Labs

In three words: Teaching kids IoT

Funding raised: £3.2 million

web summit startup sam

Best use of SAM technology: “A DIY Smartwatch, that can also double as a pedometer, a weather tracker, a stopwatch, and more, made from only a SAM Tilt and SAM LED Light.”

Their Web Summit plan: “We hope to learn. It’s always amazing to see what other people come up with right off the bat when using SAM. We hope to gain inspiration from users like you, who tap into the spirit of inventing and creating.”


In three words: Blazing fast analytics

Funding raised: $1.8 million


Biggest hurdle: “Figuring out our ‘product-market fit’. We’re making an innovative product, using very new technology, and addressing the complex business area of enterprise analytics. Understanding customer needs is crucial to delivering a product which is not only technologically innovative, but also addresses a specific business pain point.”

Their Web Summit plan: “For us, Web Summit serves as a useful barometer to gauge the market sentiment towards our industry from a potential customer, partner and investor point of view.”

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