Going, Going… 12 Hotels Still Available in November

Whether you want location, a quiet retreat for networking, a lap of luxury, or a budget hotel for this November, we have 12 hotel suggestions for you. Book your bed here>> 


As the saying goes, “There are three things that matter: Location, location, location“. That’s what a lot of people want from their hotel, but not everyone. 20,000 people coming to Web Summit might like tech, but they don’t all want the same type of hotel. Today we have 12 special hotels to share that tick all the boxes. You can find out more here.

We know some people like an emphasis on comfort, others want a great spot for networking, some like location, while a lot of people are on a budget. Here’s our blog on the best hotels still available in Dublin. Hopefully we can help you find the best spot.

The Marker Hotel
The Marker Hotel


If like to relax after a long days work and put your feet up, then one of these hotels below are the ideal spot for you. All three hotels play up the exquisite lap of luxury style accomodation experience and are perfect to help you unwind after a long day of networking.

Marker Hotel – Grand Canal Square

Eliza Lodge Hotel – Wellington Quay

Westbury Hotel – Grafton Street

Morrison Hotel
Morrison Hotel


Maybe you don’t want to clock off in the evenings and want a stylish hotel to bring back potential clients to in the evenings and keep your networking hat on 24/7 if needs be. Well, if this is the case, any of the hotels below will perfectly suit your needs as a retreat away from the Web Summit event to hopefully seal that all important deal.

The Morrison Hotel – Ormond Quay

Temple Bar Hotel – Temple Bar

Mercantile Hotel – Dame Street

Sandymount Hotel
Sandymount Hotel


It’s the number one rule of buying property and also very important when it comes to picking hotels as well for most people. Proximity is everything for some people as it can seal those extra few minutes in bed or just give you the peace of mind that you can nip back to the hotel if you forget anything. Check out the three hotels below that are within very close proximity to the event in Ballsbridge.

Sandymount Hotel – Herbert Road

Russell Court Hotel – Harcourt Street

The Harcourt Hotel  – Harcourt Street

Cassidy's Hotel
Cassidy’s Hotel


You’ve decided to jet to Dublin and for some people, that can be quite a large expense. With that in mind, maybe one of the remaining hotels that are ideal for people on a budget are for you? These three hotels are quite cheap, but by no means lacking in quality. These three hotels could be the option for you if you’re looking to squeeze those pennies.

Cassidy’s Hotel – Cavendish Row

Maldron Hotel – Parnell Square

Jurys Inn Christchurch – Christchurch Place

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