The future of machines: 6 Machine Summit speakers

Learn the future of everyday products. Come to Web Summit.

Machine Summit is one of the 21 standalone conferences at Web Summit this year. It’s the place to go to hear about how tech is redefining how we interact with everyday products.

Here are six Machine Summit speakers who are going to tell us the future of machines:

Jason Johnson – Co-founder & CEO – August 


Jason co-founded August in 2012 having previously worked as a managing partner at Founders Den.

August make a $250 device that allows users unlock doors using their phones via bluetooth.

The San Francisco-based company recently announced a $38 million Series B, bringing the firm’s total funding to $50 million.

Reggie Bradford – SVP Product Development – Oracle


Reggie is the one of the world’s most important people in cloud computing.

He leads Oracle’s team developing social cloud applications, social marketing, content creation, analytics, and community management.

Prior to Oracle Reggie founded Vitrue, a social media publishing company which was acquired by Oracle for $300 million in 2012.

Meredith Perry – CEO – uBeam


Mark Cuban thinks that Meredith came up with a “zillion-dollar idea.” Fortune has asked whether she’s the next Elon Musk.

Her company uBeam last year announced that it had built a working prototype of a wireless charger.

The charger uses ultrasound rays, and Meredith has said she sees the technology being used everywhere from bars to libraries to industrial warehouses. 

Matt Van Horn – Co-founder & CEO – June


Having co-founded June in 2013, Matt is on a “mission to transform the kitchen”.

June’s first product is the June Intelligent Oven, an oven that can cook for you. The oven can identify common foods and how to best cook them: all you need to do us press a button.

In 2007 Matt co-founded Zimride, a startup which has since become a household name as Lyft.

Eric Migicovsky – CEO – Pebble


Eric’s smartwatch company Pebble broke Kickstarter records in 2012 when it raised over $20 million from nearly 80,000 backers.

It’s been rumoured they’re about to release a round smartwatch in keeping with current trends for round watches.

Pebble have been making smartwatches since 2008: “before they were cool,” says Eric.

Peter-Frans Pauwels – Co-founder – TomTom


Peter-Frans is one of two TomTom co-founders joining us in Dublin. We’ve talked to fellow co-founder Corinne Vigreux ahead of her Web Summit appearance.

TomTom are famous for their boxed satnav, which at one point was the world’s fastest-selling tech device.

Peter-Frans co-founded TomTom in 1991 and has served as the firm’s CTO.

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