Free-flowing cash and an anti-capitalist former stockbroker: It’s Money Summit

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You’re going to need to get to Money Summit. Here’s just a taste of the heavyweights we’ll have speaking there next week.

Meet the man who thinks money should flow freely, the anti-capitalist former stockbroker and the man helping to reshape the global lending ecosystem…

JP Rangaswami – Chief Data Officer – Deutsche Bank


JP describes himself as an “accidental technologist”. For an accidental technologist, he’s done pretty well.

He has a string of awards to his name – he’s made the Wired 100 twice, most recently hitting number 18 in 2010 – and is now Deutsche Bank’s first Chief Digital Officer.

He’ll be talking about how financial firms are responding to critical and complex market and regulatory demands and how data is helping them understand their customers better.

Catch him on Thursday, November 5 at 10am.

Kristo Kaarmann – Co-Founder & CEO – TransferWise


Kristo believes money is meant to flow freely. While working in London and being paid in sterling, he had a mortgage in his native Estonia that was paid in Euro.

He devised a scheme with his friend Taavet Hinrikus with the opposite payment/mortgage situation so as to avoid currency exchange rates.

TransferWise was born from this arrangement – it’s a peer-to-peer money transfer service that has raised over $90 million in funding.

Gavin Andresen – Chief Scientist – The Bitcoin Foundation


“This is like better gold than gold,” said Gavin on Bitcoin back in 2011.

Since then, the currency has gone through both rumoured bans and booms. What role does a decentralised crypto currency now play in powering the next wave of economic growth?

Gavin will be talking about the lay of the land for Bitcoin in 2015 with The Profit Margin‘s Jim Fitzpatrick on November 5 at 3.30pm.

Max Keiser – Presenter – Keiser Report


Max has hosted the Keiser Report – a financial news and analysis show – on Russia Today since 2009.

He’s been described an “anti-capitalist former stockbroker” who in 2004 tried to make money for the “victims of Coke’s business model in places like India and Cambodia” through shorting Coca-Cola stock.

Before his broadcasting career took off, Max co-founded the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

Rob Frohwein – Founder – Kabbage

[youtube id=”REpiwQT6Xv0″]

Who are the players democratising the global financial system and taking on the incumbent banks? Rob will talking about his role reshaping the lending ecosystem on November 5 at 2.25pm.

Kabbage, the company he founded in 2009, has pioneered a new, automated way to lend money to small businesses and consumers and has raised over $600 million.

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