Food Meets Tech w/ Good Food Ireland

Just 6 days until Europe’s largest Tech Conference. See what’s happening at Food Summit.


Only a week to go until Web Summit 2014 kicks off! If you’ve been keeping up to date with our social media posts, you’ll know the list of speakers for the world’s best technology conference has grown steadily over these final few weeks. There’ll be many a hungry mouth to feed when speakers, delegates and international media take a break between talks and lectures. No finer people to do the feeding than Good Food Ireland!


We are delighted to partner once again this year, with Ireland’s benchmark brand for Irish ingredient led cuisine. In a nutshell, that means we will all be enjoying delicious dishes that have been made with home reared, home grown or home made produce, from the four corners of our green and pleasant land.

Food Summit with Good Food Ireland has its own Food Technology Stage also, where the big names of food journalism and food technology discuss what’s currently on trend in culinary terms. But hey, right now we want to now what we are going to be getting to eat!

On last week’s blog we gave you a little appetiser of some of the produce, producers and establishments who are part of the Good Food Ireland network and will be presenting their wares for eager consumption during the three days. Here’s some more to get you excited.

One of Ireland’s most famous vegetarian restaurants, Cornucopia, will be putting their experience of creating nutritious and wholesome main courses to the taste test, with several gorgeous concoctions, including Chickpeas, Quinoa and Roast Cauliflower, flavoured with a Mediterranean touch of Sundried Tomatoes and Preserved Lemons.


Cornucopia specialises in combining foods for optimum nutrition. These are the guys to talk to if you have any queries regarding what you should really be eating for a properly balanced diet if you are vegetarian or vegan. Come and meet them and say hello.


Foods of Athenry’s Gluten Free Vegan scones will make a fine accompaniment to this veggie dish. Siobhan and Paul Lawless have created traditional baking and gluten free baking which maximises on healthy natural ingredients and taste.

Siobhan always felt there was a gap in the market for baking which is packed with taste and goodness, yet caters for those with dietary requirements. So she created the Foods of Athenry label with husband Paul, in her own home kitchen. Now the pair have a custom built traditional bakery kitchen, and a certified gluten free kitchen, and this award winning range has been launched in shops and supermarkets all over Ireland.

Also going down the warming winter vegetable stews route, Ballymaloe House will be serving up their special hearty Chickpea Tomato and Spinach Stew. Hazel Allen and East Cork’s famous country house cookery team have created this recipe specially for Food Summit diners, making sure there’s plenty in the mix to give a flavoursome finish. We know what they are capable of and we wait in eager anticipation!

A hunk of sourdough from Ryan’s Arbutus Breads in Cork will make a fantastic mop up for the juices from this stew, we reckon.

Meat eaters will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of Irish beef dishes. Mary Gleeson of Gleeson’s Townhouse in Roscommon, Paul Linehan of Harte’s Bar and Grill Kildare, Ed Cooney, Executive Chef of the Merrion Hotel and Tom O’Connell of O’Connell’s of Donnybrook are all doing their take on Beef Casserole. Peter Ward of Country Choice Nenagh, and Maura Boyle of Larkins Bar in Garrykennedy will also be showcasing Hereford Beef from their home turf of Tipperary.

Lamb is looked after by Ruairi O’Connor, GM of the River Lee Hotel, Cork, Peter Murphy of The Yard, Wexford, Michael Harley, Head Chef of Rathmullan House in Donegal, and Neil McFadden, Head Chef of Donnybrook Fare. In this case, too many cooks certainly won’t spoil the (lamb) broth!


We’re sure diners will find some room for dessert. They’d be mad not to, with a fine menu of sweet things to devour. Glenilen Cheesecake from the farm of Alan and Valerie Kingston in West Cork, Meringues from Richard Hurley, GM of the Granville Hotel, Waterford, an assortment of home made puds from Lemon Tree Restaurant in Dunmore East, Waterford, are just some of the delights.


Handmade chocolates from Ben Lorge of Lorge Chocolatier in Kerry, and Patricia Farrell of Wilde Irish Chocolates in Co. Clare. Ice creams from Rossmore, Linalla and Glastry Farm. Farm produced yogurt from Killowen Yogurts, Wexford.
With autumn in mind, we’ll be sampling fresh apples from the new harvest at The Apple Farm in Tipperary and Ballycross Apple Farm in Wexford.

And if you are really a savoury person at heart, try Keogh’s crisps, from the Keogh family farm in Co.Dublin, and with their own SpudNav which tells you what variety of spuds your crisps are made from and which field they came from. That’s traceability!



With so many summits at Web Summit 2014, it can be seem daunting trying to figure out how to get the best of everything. Learn from some tech conference masters. Watch our Hangout with David Tisch and Alex Hawkinson, live at 6pm (Dublin time), October 30th.

Take a Peek at Some of the Venues that will Host Web Summit 2014 Pub Crawls across Dublin.


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