Five startup lessons we learned from Arrested Development

After binging on the Netflix-bankrolled Arrested Development Season 4, we’ve picked up a few lessons from the bumbling Bluths that every startup founder should heed. Don’t hire a never-nude isn’t one of them…

1. You’re gonna get some hop ons


An incredible startup idea is the Bluth Company stair car, you’re gonna get some hop ons.  The minute you start getting some success, copycats will spring up. Treat them like unwanted passengers; keep an eye on them but only in the rearview mirror.

2. Know when you’ve made a huge mistake


You’re going to make mistakes, so own up to them quickly.  There’s no shame in a well-executed pivot.

3. Not all disruption is good disruption


4. Build a team with the right skills


A technical co-founder with killer coding chops? Yes. An amazing designer? Hell, yes. Someone who studied 18th century agrarian business? Um……

5. Avoid made up job titles


Got any more startup friendly pearls of wisdom from Arrested Development? Share away in the comments or tell us on Twitter

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