Five Dublin pubs to get a perfect pint of Guinness in during Web Summit

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One of my personal philosophies is that a bad pint of Guinness is still pretty good – better than the average pint of nondescript European lager anyway.

If you’re in Dublin for Web Summit, though, why settle for a bad pint of Guinness when on a Web Summit pub crawl?

If you’re going to be settling a deal, or supping a pint with Bono, Elon Musk or Jack Dorsey (all previous pub crawl attendees) why not make it one of the better pints in Dublin?

I have no idea whether these five pubs carry out the six steps supposedly needed to pour a pint of Guinness, all I do know is that they’ve impressed me, and they’re all on the Web Summit Pub Crawl itinerary.

You can register now to join us one of our famous pub crawls – here’s where to have your pint of G:



You’ll need to get to Grogans early. This South William Street pub is almost too popular.

The smoking area flanking the pub typically fills up shortly after 6pm, but when you can get a spot is the perfect place for a pint.

Grogans are also famous for the cheese toasties – a decent companion for a Guinness.

The Long Hall

Untitled-3 This George’s Street pub is actually Bruce Springsteen’s Dublin local.

He’s been known to stall in when he’s in town for a gig. It also features in the iconic video to Phil Lynott’s Old Town.

It’s thought that the quality of your pint is influenced by how often Guinness is pulled in a particular bar. It’s rare to see a non-Guinness pint in the Long Hall.

 The Palace Bar

Untitled-3 The Palace Bar is on Fleet Street, Temple Bar and is considered the one of the oldest bars in Dublin.

As John B Keane has noted, Guinness and whiskey make for a nice combination.

Handy then that the Palace serves its own brand of whiskey, the first Dublin pub to do since the 70s.



Apparently Daniel Day Lewis reckons there are only two Dublin pubs you need to know about, one of which is Neary’s.

According to legend, Daniel gave instructions to his pilots that when in Dublin, they were to stick to Neary’s just off Grafton Street and O’Donoghue’s on Merrion Street.

He may have a point: aside from the quality pint they serve, Neary’s is home to the finest snugs in Dublin City.


Untitled-3 Cassidy’s is on Camden Street and is owned by Irish institution Daniel O’Donnell‘s brother.

If you’ve got Donegal blood in you, this is place for your pint of Guinness – the pub is a Dublin home for Donegal men and women.

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