Joining the Ranks; 50 more Investors at Web Summit

 700 investors * 16 hours a day * 3 days = 30000 investors hours. Here are some of the Investors at Web Summit 2014.


With 3 days to go, Web Summit is well and truly on the horizon. Web Summit is proud to connect Startups with investors, so we’re announcing another 50 of our 700 investors before Web Summit kicks off on Tuesday.

Andrew Hunter – Vice President, Silicon Valley Ban
Andrew Montgomery – Partner, MESA+ Ventures
Barry O’Brien – Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank
Bill Contente – Partner, Gesmer Updegrove
Bill McGlashan – Founding Partner, TPG Growth
Branko Drobnak – President, Business Angels of Slovenia
Charlie Walker – Associate, Silicon Valley Bank
Charlotte McCrum – Communications Director, Index Ventures
Clif Marriott – Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
Daniel McKeown – Vice President, Seacrest Azimuth Group
Dara O’Huiginn – President, Almada Ventures Inc.
David Murray – Managing Partner, Argento Partners
Dirk-Ulrich Krueger – Director, FutureSAX Accelerator
Esmond Greene – Senior Associate, Carlyle Group
Gerald Brady – Head of UK Commercial Banking, Silicon Valley Bank
Hadi Partovi – Angel Investor
Helmut Sussbauer – Head of Innovation, Deutsche Telekom
Hussein Kanji – Partner, Hoxton Ventures
Jayne Brady – Partner, Kernel Capital
Joe Connaughton – CEO, LIR Investors
Julian Bennet – Senior Associate, HgCapital
Kitae Kim – Head of Advanced Concept Development, Samsung Telecommunication America
Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen – Founding Partner, Nova Founders Capital
Malgorzata Walczak – Founder/Managing Partner, WinVentures
Manav Gupta – Founder & CEO, IOT Investment Fund & Accelerator
Marco Bicocchi Pichi – Marketing Director, WIB
Marcy Simon – Founder, Maple Beach Ventures
Martin Nally – Member, Lir Investors
Melissa Foo – Early Stage Investor, New York Angels
Michael Kalfayan – Associate, TCV
Michaela Jacova – Investment Manager, Neulogy Ventures
Mitzi Montoya – Vice President Entrepreneurship & Innovation, ASU Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Nikolay Tretyakov – Partner, Blue Wire Capital
Noel Ruane – Partner, Polaris
Oivia Wang – Associate, ZhenFund
Paolo Vaglietti – Director, Atlantis Capital Management
Patrick Robin – Managing Director, Avolta Partners
Per Siljubergsasen – Angel Investor,
Pierre Elzouki – CEO, Elzouki Invest
Ray Sharma – Executive Managing Partner, Extreme Venture Partners
Robert Frasca – Managing Partners, Cosimo Partners
Rodrigo Martinez – Associate, Point Nine Capital
Rupert Ashe – Director, D5 Capital
Scott MacDonald – Co-founder & Managing Partner, McRock Capital
Shubham Kanoongo – Director, Headway Capital Advisors
Stephane Wyper – Business Leader, Mastercard Labs
Steve Flinter – Vice President, Mastercard Labs
Steve Karmeinsky – Director, Lean Capital
Xavier Coirbay – Chief Operating Officer, Sofina
Yousif Almutawa – Head of Innovation, DP World

Have a look at out Night Summit Venues where you could run into your investor match.

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