Ending queuing in pubs: 5 minutes with Orderella’s Dennis Collet

Stop queuing for drinks on nights out. Download Orderella.

Orderella are on mission to end queueing in bars. They’ve built an app that allows you to order and pay for your drink on your phone – think of it like an Uber for booze.

Irish people will be particularly happy to hear about their partnership with the iconic Copper Face Jacks (Coppers as it’s affectionately known) – a spot that visitors to Dublin can check out during our Night Summit.

They’re coming to Web Summit to join our START programme, so before we see them in Dublin next month, I chatted to CEO Dennis Collet about the story behind Orderella…

Orderella just partnered with Copper Face Jacks in Dublin. Are you familiar with the club and why the partnership is considered such a big deal by Irish people?

Copper Face Jacks is an institution in Dublin but it’s also incredibly busy and the bar is always heaving. That made Orderella an obvious choice for the venue because nobody likes to waste their night out queueing at the bar for another drink.

Customers are happy because they can get on with their night out without having to stand in a queue for ages and because you can pay via the app too, they don’t have to fumble about for their cash or cards.

The venue is happy because happy customers stay in the bar and keep placing orders. Everybody wins.

What’s your favourite drink to order on Orderella?

It has to be Guinness. Orderella was made for a drink that needs a specific amount of time to pour the perfect pint. You can order your Guinness using the app before you arrive and when you get to the bar – there you have it, perfectly poured and waiting for you.

Plus, it’s great for bar staff because there’s nothing more annoying than someone asking for a Guinness at the end of a big round – everyone knows that it’s an unwritten rule to order it first.


How did you come up with the idea for Orderella?

We were out at our local and it was my turn to get the drinks in. It was a really busy Friday night and as I stood in the long queue at the bar I couldn’t stop thinking that there must be a better way to do this.

When I got back to the table with the drinks, I mentioned it to the guys I was with and it went from there. To be honest, when we did a bit of research into the idea, we couldn’t believe that no one else was doing something like this already.

We just found it incredible that you can order an Uber to get you to the venue via your phone and without having to bother with cash, but not a drink from inside the same building. A bit more research and a few tests later, and Orderella was ready to roll.

Have you put an end to queueing, then?

Well, not quite yet, but that is the aim. The whole reason we go out is to socialise with our friends, so if you’re standing in a queue, while they’re catching up without you, it’s not great.

We think we’ve created something that can takes the pain and stress away from queuing and simply lets you enjoy your time with your friends. Who wouldn’t want a queue-less –and cashless – night out.

[youtube id=”DIT-bhWqt70″]

Watch Dennis talk about Orderella.

Is waiting ever worth it?

They do say good things come to those who wait and while that doesn’t need to be true anymore when it comes to your drinks, it is true for other things. I recently became a father and that was certainly worth the wait.

Quit queuing when you’re on the town. Download Orderella.

Join us at Web Summit. Get your ticket.

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