The Dragons Are Coming: 20 East Asian Startups coming to Web Summit

The biggest companies in the world are coming to Web Summit, and you could rub shoulders with their leaders –  get your tickets here

Since the 1980s and Japan’s dominance of the consumer electronics market, East Asia has been a global force in technology.  Some of the biggest companies in the world have come from this region – Samsung, Acer, Sony, PCCW, Huawei, LG, Asus and Lenovo to name but a few – and the startups in the selection of companies are looking to join their ranks. From app development companies, to Startups that are all about keeping it green, to a company seeking to revolutionise personal healthcare, the range and diversity of companies coming from East Asia to Web Summit makes it easy to see why venture capitalists are rushing to invest in that part of the world. Here are just some of the brilliant East Asian Startups heading to Dublin this November.


Doremi Star – Taiwan

Doremi Star is a social game developer whose goal is to produce fun and creative games for social networks, mobile phones and tablets. They believe being innovative is the key to building top-notch games that will continue to amaze their beloved players and supporters. All the games’ concepts are made from scratch directly from Doremi Star’s headquarters in Taipei. 

[youtube id=”jyW8F1ryxac&list=UUmYl5P1ElttolQcpCXxEEng”]

Ekowarehouse Limited – Hong Kong

Ekowarehouse is the only B2B platform for green certified products, connecting buyers and sellers across the globe. Ekowarehouse uses a curated list of internationally recognised certifications to ensure all products traded are 100% green (no green washing).

[youtube id=”5irpE9VdDE8″]

Fuller, Inc. – Japan

Fuller, Inc. is a mobile application and internet media company. Fuller, Inc have created a number of innovative apps since their inception including App Ape, AppQuarium and Mr. Mobile

[youtube id=”6fmN2Zr__Oc”]

Stiqer – Hong Kong

Stiqer is an app designed to remove the hassle of carrying around all your different loyalty cards and coupons. Stiqer consolidates your everyday rewards experience into a simple and social process, allowing users to compete, explore, and collect rewards with friends.

[vimeo id=”102094077″]

Owtware – China

Owtware delivers a web-scale enterprise private cloud platform to easily manage virtual desktops and more. Owtware enable users to control costs and achieve massive scale through a converged hardware architecture and software-defined platform. An instant private cloud!

[youtube id=”kna2EdlqKhE”]

VS:US – South Korea

VS:US is a global social video competition app. Contributors can create clips of any description and then record, post and share their video with others while viewing and exploring the communities’ clips. Clips are rated, with the highest rated clips available to view for longer than lower rated clips.


EcoPort – Hong Kong

EcoPort is a platform created to connect suppliers and manufacturers in green industries. EcoPort is based on a cloud-powered network of pick-up vans for efficient waste transport, upcyclers and recyclers who use waste productively, as well as innovations in recycling.


Classdo – Japan

ClassDo is an online educational platform focusing on online classes conducted in a one-to-one, interactive fashion. Classdo believes in the transformative power of the internet in education and in bringing together people from across the world for the exchange of knowledge, culture and understanding. Click here to learn more about what Classdo does, and how it does it.

Onanoff – Hong Kong

Onanoff  designs and produces functional, stylish and ergonomic technology products for everyday use. Drawing on inspiration from the diverse backgrounds and experiences of its creative team as well as Petur Olafssun’s (Onanoff’s founder) homeland – Iceland, Onanoff focuses on designs that are distinctive with style, practical and affordable. 

[youtube id=”w4StEl5ZXlc&list=UUyTfeG6dW_Lu_Fh-GGOcQ6g”]

#be – China

#be is a private hub of what a user likes. Based on a personal digital engine, #be allows users to take control of their interests and empowers them to create value out of their engagement.

[vimeo id=”104086604″]

AppyHotel – Hong Kong

Appy Hotel is a dashboard designed for hotels to manage all their digital assets in one place. Whether hotels are looking for a quick bird’s eye view to gain insights regarding performance and ROI, or interested in publishing new multilingual content to their website and apps, Hotel Appy meets hotels’ every marketing need.

[youtube id=”WeGlBDzAnbM”] – Hong Kong have created an easy to use tool for buyers and sellers to connect with one another and find the fairest possible price without going through all the hassle of haggling. 

[vimeo id=”100488495″]

Imonology – Taiwan

Imonology is founded on the belief that technologies and humanities together can connect and help people by creating more freedom. They provide affordable tools and platforms for people to create interactive games, apps, and virtual worlds.



Klarity Analytics – Hong Kong

Klarity Analytics offers cross platform analytics for a number of social media platforms including facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and many more. Klarity allows companies to efficiently and effectively monitor brand performance and gather social intelligence on competitors.

[youtube id=”tOxVhaMQAz4″]


CONNECTEDEVICE are smart-enabling the watch industry with a total solution that allows watchmakers to bring connectivity to the wrist. The company’s award-winning COOKOO and COGITO connected watches prove that fashion and function can come together in wearable tech.

[youtube id=”EguIlXmepDo”]

HealthGrid – Japan

HealthGrid, Inc. provides healthcare services in a ‘personal assistant’ style, using ‘Total Assessment’ technology. The company provides a platform for health management that allows users to obtain information which they can usually only obtain after conducting a full medical check-up.

[youtube id=”A7wtfjuprww”] – Hong Kong is a race directory site for triathlons and more across the globe. Users can explore race locations, find and review races, log race reports as well as find out when and where upcoming races will occur.

[vimeo id=”105902875″]


Healthy Selfie – Hong Kong

Healthyselfie is a free social networking app that allows users to track their body’s physical evolution. Features include a food diary, tracking info for every selfie, a fit feed and a discovery feature to see how other app users are doing.



BitMEX – Hong Kong

BitMEX (Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange) is where professional investors trade bitcoin and crypto-currency derivatives. BitMEX provides futures and options on Bitcoin vs. other G10 currencies. All margin deposits and profits are denominated in Bitcoin. BitMEX is a truly crypto-currency based derivatives exchange. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of how BitMEX works.

[youtube id=”gbiyFwnI8TI”]

 W Hub – Hong Kong

W Hub is a profile-driven platform that showcases the entrepreneur and team behind the startup. W Hub lets startups share their company mission, product or service and current job openings, thus helping connect startups with talented professionals interested in joining and making a difference in a young company.


YFL elite Co., Ltd. – Taiwan

YFL elite develops and hold the patents to the world’s first Full Autonomous Self-Test (FAST) Technology and the world’s first hash algorithm based Authenticated Encryption – the SEA – technology. The FAST is the key technology in enabling fully autonomous self-testing of integrated circuit devices. The SEA technology makes cipher and signature integrally and concurrently, and is intrinsically with OTSC (One-Time-Pad-like quality). 

YFLelite_logo (1)


RocketPunch – South Korea

RocketPunch is the first and the biggest Startup platform in Korea, providing company profiles and open job positions to prospective candidates. RocketPunch has partnered with CrunchBase to create global recognition of Korean Startups. RocketPunch is currently expanding its recruiting network outside of Korea to connect Korean talent with international Startups and international talent with Korean Startups.


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