Eamon Leonard Joins Web Summit, + Cian Kennedy & Joao Alexandre

We’ve hired over 40 people in the last 3 months, including some incredible engineers and data scientists. We’ve currently 11 open positions.


A huge welcome to Eamon Leonard, our new Chief Community Officer and EIR.

Eamon has built, sold (Orchestra) and invested in numerous incredible tech companies around the world (Intercom, Circa et. al), led engineering for Engine Yard in San Francisco, organised fantastic developer conferences, and today’s he’s become the 102nd member of our growing team.

Eamon’s penned a short post on why he’s joined our team. You can also find out more about Eamon on his site.


Cian solo 1A huge welcome also to Cian Kennedy, our new VP of Quantitative Strategy.

Cian’s one of those rare super quants to jump from the world of high finance in London to tech in Dublin. He spent 8 years with JP Morgan, managing a worldwide team focused on high volume algorithmic trading. He worked for what the Financial Times has described as “the special ops of trading”: JPM’s Delta One team. He’s basically obscenely good at Sudoko, and has an MBA from IE, Europe’s Top Business School, to boot.


Joao Solo 2And finally a huge welcome also to Joao Alexandre, our new VP of Finance.

Joao brings extensive financial experience to our growing finance team. He’s held a wide range of roles including Strategic Planning and Control (CUF Chemicals Group), Corporate Finance and Audit (Deloitte) and Revenue Assurance (Vodafone). Joao graduated in top 5% of his MBA class in IE and you can read all about Joao here.


Featured image of Eamon Leonard courtesy of Juozas Kaziukėnas


We’ve hired over 40 people in the last 3 months, including some incredible engineers and data scientistsWe’ve currently 11 open positions.

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