Drones, big data and music: 14 Belgian startups coming to Web Summit

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We like Belgian startups. We’ve already taken a look at 23 Belgian startups on their way to Web Summit and we’re partnering with Belgian non-profit Startups.be.

They’re an integral part of the Belgian tech ecosystem – they help startups thrive right across Belgium.

We’re excited about the drones, big data and music that Belgium are sending our way this November – check out these Belgians coming to Web Summit:



Airobot are improving safety in the drone industry. The work they do decreases the risk of crashing.

They’ve come up with a component known as “collision avoidance” or “sense and avoid” that allows the drones keep away from other objects. 

Airobot was founded in 2015 by Kristof Beenders and Roy Jeunen.


[youtube id=”90NwQ-cK37c”]

Talentsquare make it easier to hire quality employees. They help employers create a brand for their hiring process that will attract top talent, and can target specific types of candidate.

They also help job seekers, allowing them to apply for jobs through their platform using a detailed, customised profile.

This Brussels-based startup was founded by Timoté GeimerThibaut Halbrecq and Arthur Roose.


[youtube id=”6mVFlGQMf4g”]

With bases in London and Roeselare, Datatonic determine tangible, actionable insights from big data.

They employ data experts with experience in customer relationship, supply chain and operations, and predictive analysis.

They already count P&G, Red Bull, Barclays and RBS as clients.


[youtube id=”VtOA6d-LOdI”]

As you can see from the video above, neoScores are bringing classical music into the digital age.

The Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra have decided to stop using paper scores. They now use tablets with neoScores’ digital scores which are saved in the cloud.

It’s thought their product may even help improve musicians’ performance.

Take a look at nine other Belgian startups coming to Web Summit:




Hello Customer 


Conversation Starter

Cloud Ninjas




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