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The Summit 2014 is going to be our biggest and best event to date. We are pleased to announced that this year for the first time we will be unveiling four new primary Summits at the event. We’ve already announced Enterprise + I.0.T Summits and today we’d like to announce the dedicated Digital Marketing Stage. It’s a busy and exciting time with job announcements this week. We’re hiring 40 key people to join us on this wonderful journey.

We’d like bring you four more speakers Michael Acton Smith Founder & CEO of Mind Candy, from Equinox Harvey Spevak CEO and Sarah Robb O’Hagan President will be in Dublin. Also joining them for Digital Marketing is Michael Fertik the Founder of Reputation.com

Tickets go on sale on May 20th.

Harvey Spevak – CEO of Equinox

Harvey Spevak is CEO of a club that boasts celebrity patrons such as Spike Lee, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Equinox Fitness has gone from strength to strength since Harvey’s appointment 15 years ago.

Sarah Robb O’Hagan – President of Equinox

Sarah’s story is an incredible one. She has held high roles in some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Nike and Virgin, before leading the transformation of Gatorade – the US energy drink which coined the term ‘Gatorade shower’. She is now President of Equinox, the global fitness company. Her incredible achievements have been recognised far and wide – seeing her named by Forbes as one of the Most Powerful Women in Sports + by Fast Company as one of the Most Creative People in Business.

Sarah Robb O'Hagan 1

Michael Acton Smith – Founder & CEO of Mind Candy

Described by the Daily Telegraph as a “Rock Star version of Willy Wonka” and by the Independent as “a polite version of Bob Geldof.”, Michael Acton Smith is one of the coolest people in tech. As CEO, Creative Director and founder of tech start-up, turned entertainment firm Mind Candy, Michael has been at the heart of global kids hit Moshi Monsters, which has over 65 million registered users online and has now expanded offline in to books, toys, music, trading cards, TV and video games.  Michael also co-founded Firebox.com  and weekly London Tech social www.SiliconDrinkabout.com.

Michael Acton Smith 10

Michael Fertik – CEO and Founder of Reputation.com

Michael Fertik founded Reputation.com with the belief that people and businesses have the right to control and protect their online reputation and privacy.  A futurist, Michael is credited with pioneering the field of online reputation management (ORM) and lauded as the world’s leading cyberthinker in digital privacy and reputation. Michael was most recently named Entrepreneur of the Year by TechAmerica, an annual award given by the technology industry trade group to an individual they feel embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that made the U.S. technology sector a global leader.

Michael Fertik 1

So now we have the Enterprise, IoT and Digital Marketing Summits – we’ll be announcing the 4th and final primary Summit before tickets go on sale on May 20th. It’s getting very very interesting….

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