Digital Love – 6 New Speakers

In November Web Summit will bring 20,000 tech minds + 350 of the world’s top speakers together under one roof –  See our full list of speakers here.


“We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” eBay Founder Pieere Omidyar. The digital revolution is gathering momentum, and with it are new ideas and thoughts which will shape the future. The people behind these ideas are coming to Web Summit to share, learn and develop their ideas – who are they? Let’s find out:

Andy Katz Mayfield – Founder

All Andy Katz-Mayfield wanted was some razors so that he could shave. With many pharmacies treating razor blades liked controlled substances locked away in glass cabinets, Andy decided that there had to be an easier way to buy razors. So he contacted his friend Jeff Raider (Warby Parker Co-founder) to complain. Soon they started joking that they should launch a Warby Parker for shaving supplies, and so Harry’s was born.

And they haven’t wasted any time – at only 10 months old they decided to buy a 93 year old business for $100 million.


Ryan Smith – Qualtrics CEO

2 years ago, aged just 33, Ryan Smith was offered $500m for his startup Qualtrics – he listened to the offer, and then said no. Two years on and Qualtrics has continued its rise to the top – turning data into action on a global scale. Here is Ryan talking to Forbes about an idea that has grown and keeps on growing.

[youtube id=”v7Fz5z3e5gI”]

Jim Bankoff – Vox Media

Listing successful projects that Jim Bankoff has been involved in could take a while, but lets give it a go: CEO of Vox Media, Senior Advisor at Providence Equity Partners, Executive VP of Programming and Products at AOL, Developer of , Mapquest , Moviefone, AOL Music, Netscape and AOL Instand Messenger. That all? No – Bankoff also established well known websites TMZ, Fanhouse, Engadget and BloggingStocks. Anything else? Yes – he is also an Emmy Award winner for his role as Executive Producer of the Live 8 concerts online.

Jim Bankoff 276

Chuck Porter – Founder CPB

Chuck is co-founder and chairman of the advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Chief Strategist for its holding company, MDC Partners. Throughout his career Chuck has designed campaigns for Mini, Dominos Pizza, Burger King and many more – using interactive methods and with viral results. Chuck also funds a student award in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and is current board chairman of the American Association of Advertising Agencies.

James Temple – MD, Exec Creative Director R/GA London

James leads the Creative Department of R/GA London – supporting global brands including BBC, Beats by Dre, Getty Images, Heineken, Nokia, Nike, O2 and Unilever. He provides strategic direction across all agency accounts, working with a multidisciplinary team which has picked up notable awards including Cannes Gold Lion, One Show Gold Pencil, Webby for Innovation and industry best awards for retail, mobile, events, design and experimentation.

James Temple 640x310

Dermot McCormack – EVP MTV Digital Media

When he was 11 years of age Dermot McCormack convinced his school teachers to allow him to open up a sweet shop in his school. He split the profits 50-50 with the school and learned “to look for opportunities in underserved markets and take care of your partners”. He’s older now – but he has remained true to his beliefs. Since starting with MTV Dermot has realigned their social strategy, resulting in a huge turnaround in their digital and social performance. This insightful (and quite long) video is an excellent look into where Dermot has come from and the change he has brought to MTV.

[youtube id=”zvIsr7AGYgY”]

Chuck, James, Dermot, Jim, Ryan and Andy are all coming to The Summit in November as part of the Digital Marketing track. Want to join them? Get your Early Bird ticket here.

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