A developer’s guide to Web Summit: Workshops, meetups & more

Web Summit 2017 will gather over 5,000 CTOs in one place, and about another 11,000 engineers. If you are a first time dev at Web Summit this post should help you think about your trip. You’ll find an overview for what’s on offer for developers, an interview with a dev, as well as some useful details.

Web Summit has 3 dedicated conferences for devs; FullSTK, binate.io and creatiff. There are also a number of other conferences of some interest focused on AI, Robotics and related fields. There are also numerous in depth workshops run by a whole host of people. Amazon’s CTO and his AWS team for example will be running workshops throughout Web Summit. IBM, Siemens, Cisco and others also do really great things, details below.

There’s also a dedicated Developer Lounge, and tons of meetups and parties at night for every imaginable community.

We spoke to Web Summit speaker, DevRelate founder and developer PJ Hagerty about getting the most from your time at Web Summit as a developer.

As a developer, what’s the most useful thing you’ve learned from attending Web Summit?
This isn’t exclusive to Web Summit, but I’ve always found speaking to as many of the speakers as possible is helpful. There are a lot of opportunities where you can speak one-on-one with folks to get ideas and find the spark you might be looking for.

How should a developer divide their time to get the most out of Web Summit?
Always the question! Make sure to check out the schedule (especially the FullSTK stage as that is full of technical content) and have a plan for your time. I might be biased, since I’ve hosted and spoken on FullSTK over the past few years. Make sure to take breaks, though. Web Summit can be busy, with a fast pace. Look for places in the schedule where you can walk away and focus on chatting to folks, just to review ideas.

Have you seen any interesting exhibition stands or installations for developers at Web Summit?
Definitely! And since the startup stalls change every day, it’s a roller coaster! While many are looking for investment, most want to talk about what they are doing and how they are doing it (without giving away the secret sauce). My best advice here is, if you see something that even interests you a little, ask! I’ve had some great conversations with startups and exhibitors where we discussed Open Source or developer relations concepts instead of “product”.

What’s the most useful talk you’ve ever seen at Web Summit? Can you remember what you learned from it?
One of the best talks I’ve seen was at Web Summit in 2015. It was a talk by Curt Cronin about teams and leadership. Based on his experience as a Navy Seal, he discussed how teams of developers (and the greater tech space) can function better when focusing on trust and communication. There are always plenty of great talks – I focus mostly on FullSTK and binate.io as a developer, with the occasional nod to a Centre Stage talk from leaders in the industry.

That said, nothing compares to being involved. I try to engage with as many people as possible to see where things are leading and where the focus is. There are some conversations that become more “what not to do”, but overall, engaging with people is where I learn most.

Web Summit attendees can check out the speaker schedule here. Developers may find the talks at FullSTK and binate.io of particular interest.


There’s also some pretty cool things for developers to see and do at our partner booths.

Interact with virtual shipmates in virtual reality using natural language at their Star Trek VR installation, grow, brew and trade coffee with the power of a blockchain network, and answer a few of Watson’s questions to get your own personality portrait. You can check out the details of IBM’s plans for Web Summit here, and sign up for their workshops here.

AWS – Amazon Web Services
Learn how to build modern applications with AWS cloud.

Join us for technical workshops about AWS. We’ll provide concrete architectures and examples of modern applications using Artificial Intelligence, serverless apps, containers, IoT, mobile, and Alexa skills.

Come build an intelligent chatbot, develop a new skill for Alexa, get started with serverless apps, learn tips for running container workloads, and reach new mobile audiences with responsive web apps.

Space is limited, so sign up now for sessions at the AWS Developer Workshop below.
(If you’re attending a Wednesday workshop, don’t forget your laptop.)


Network and learn from other developers at the MindSphere Developer Lounge in FIL Pavilion 1. While you’re there, pop over to their booth to and check out their open developer vacancies, and learn more about MindSphere, a new operating system.

Call over to Cisco’s two-story installation at stand P875 near FullSTK and become a member of DevNet, Cisco’s developer community. They’ll provide you with free tools, learning resources, and the code you need to build innovative solutions. New and existing members of the community will also get a prize at the Cisco desk!

Night Summit for developers
If you’re still pumped for the evening after all that, you can check out some of the developer-specific Night Summit events taking place across the city of Lisbon. Siemens are holding drinks for developers on Tuesday, November 7 at The Good, The Bad and The Ugly starting from 8.30pm, while IBM are holding drinks at Bosq on Wednesday, November 8 from 8.30pm. Make sure you arrive early, though, as there is limited space available.

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