Conference Hacking Round 2 – Rami Essaid shares his wisdom

We’re giving you the hacks that will make your Web Summit as worthwhile as possible – now all you need is to buy a ticket


There’s no limit to the amount of handy advice you can rack up before an event like Web Summit, so after our sitdown with Robert Scoble earlier in the week, our latest Google Hangout is with the man at the helm of Distil Networks, Rami Essaid. He has mastered the art of tech conferences and now he’s going to share what he and his company have learned. Rami has raised over $14M for Distil Networks so there’s no doubting the value of his networking savvy – just check out the video below for some of his quick tips on making the most of a tech conference.

[youtube id=’fqR0Av0JY_o’]

Watch: Video: Conference Hacking – Robert Scoble’s top tips


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