CoderDojo & Web Summit 2014

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Web Summit for Schools Event – Feat CoderDojo

At the Web Summit for Schools event CoderDojo will inspire students to become the next generation of digital creators by exposing them to the magic of coding that is encouraged and taught at CoderDojo. Young coders will be taking part in a panel moderated by Marcus Segal, which they will discuss their experience of learning and creating with code at CoderDojo! Mary Moloney, the global CEO of CoderDojo, will also be discussing “Technology as an Enabler” on the night as part of the exciting line up of some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, engineers, and more! It’s going to be an awesome event!

CoderDojo Ninjas showcase their awesome projects at Web Summit!

Come visit the CoderDojo booth for our mini version of the Web Summit and be wowed by the awesome interactive projects created by CoderDojo youth at their local Dojo! Nine-year-old Lauren, who designed her own hit website, is one of the many CoderDojo youth re-inventing the world with their innovative ideas.

CoderDojo and the Web Summit are giving young coders, like Lauren, the opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to attend Web Summit and showcase what they’ve been working on. Web Summit attendees, prepare to be exposed to an interactive and engaging experience led by young people, highlighting the impact of CoderDojo on increasing youth participation in technology.

Some of the young coders will be pitching their awesome projects on the People’s stage as part of the Machine Summit on: Tuesday 4th November: 16:40 – 17:00 Wednesday 5th November: 15:30 – 16:00 Come and support them by watching their pitch. This is surely to be a highlight of Web Summit so don’t miss it!

Aims for CoderDojo

1. To give the CoderDojo Community (young and old) an opportunity to experience Web Summit first hand and to spread the good word about CoderDojo.

2. To increase awareness of CoderDojo amongst with both the local and international developer community who will be in attendance at Web Summit with the aim of attracting them to become new CoderDojo Champions and Mentors or open new Dojos in their community.

3. To promote women in technology and help inspire the next generation of young female coders.

About CoderDojo

CoderDojo gives kids and young people all over the world better access to the Magic behind the technology that surrounds us and touches almost everything that we do in our lives. CoderDojo is a global, volunteer led community of free programming clubs for young people.

Clubs (Dojos) run all over the world on a weekly basis, giving young people between the ages of 7 and 17 the opportunity to learn how to write computer code, build websites, apps, programs, games and to explore technology. In addition to technology skills, young people also build complementary skills of creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration, teamwork and leadership. There are over 500+ Dojos in 50 countries impacting 20,000 young people per week.

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