Class of 2014: Last year’s success stories

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In anticipation of this year’s event, we decided to look back at some of the success stories from Web Summit 2014.

From the app that could find the next Beyoncé to the company making events cheaper for us all, these previous Web Summit exhibitors have had a great year.


30MHz claim to be the common sense in sensory technology and investors seem to agree. The company has raised €500,000 in its first investment round, which included a successful stint at Web Summit 2014.


Thanks to the funding they can develop ZENSIE, the product that uses wireless sensors to measure anything in the business environment. It’s already being used by a number of organisations including the Port of Amsterdam who are turning their physical surroundings into data with the technology.


From its base in Kilkenny, MobStar is set to find global superstars on their talent platform. After a successful Round A, MobStar is now valued at $60 million. Investors include Times Group India, who will be involved with their launch in India next month.


But what’s all the fuss about? Well, in a sentence: it dramatically lowers the barriers to entering the entertainment industry. Before, you needed money, connections, or the guts to face potential ridicule on talent shows. Now, you simply need to put a 15 second clip on MobStar. If you’ve got the talent, you’ll be voted up. The best of the bunch are mentored by industry experts.

The Ticket Fairy

The idea for Ticket Fairy came from founders Ritesh and Jigar Patel‘s experiences running events for many years. They saw old-school, ineffective marketing techniques being used time and time again. To combat this they created The Ticket Fairy. It provides event-goers with a unique URL so they can share the event with friends and receive cash when they purchase.

the ticket fairy
The Ticket Fairy at their BETA stand at Web Summit 2014.

Since The Ticket Fairy exhibited as a BETA startup, they’ve reached a total of $605,000 in funding.

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