Catch the Perfect Wave at Surf Summit

Experience the West Coast of Ireland with Surf Summit.

Ireland may not have palm trees or heat waves, but that doesn’t make it any less of a surfer’s paradise. The Irish coastline has been praised for its perfect waves, time and time again. This November, 100 entrepreneurs, investors and professional surfers will be catching waves on the Sligo coast as part of Surf Summit.

Surfers from around the world have flocked to the Irish coast for its point breaks, slabs and reefs, all of which have justified its “cold-water Indonesia” title. Yet there’s one key factor that differentiates the two coastlines, and we’re not talking about the temperature. Consistency is the biggest difference between the two surfing spots.

Surf Summit

During peak season, the experienced surfer is almost guaranteed a successful outing to the Indonesian coast. The weather is predictable and the waves consistent.

In Ireland, it’s not that simple. Sure, the waves are world class, when they come. But the surf is hard to predict, the tide variables are huge and the waves can be dangerous. Weather-wise the only thing predictable is its unpredictability. Expect four seasons in one day and expect rain. A lot of rain.

Clearly, the Irish coastline is not for the faint-hearted surfer. That’s part of its charm, of course. The Atlantic Ocean is far from forgiving, but it is challenging and exhilarating. And when the stars align and you do catch the perfect wave, it’s utterly satisfying. At the end of the day you’ll gulp down a hard-earned Guinness in a local pub, knowing that you deserve it.

Get your Surf Summit ticket to experience the wild West of Ireland surf yourself.

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