Love & Robots: Introducing our 2nd ESB Spark of Genius Finalist

The future of technology will be at Web Summit. Take a look.


Seems like forever ago, but in September we had 30 of the best Irish Startups fight to the death, or well not really, but they did fight for a place in the final of the ESB Spark of Genius Competition. It was a difficult decision but 3 finalists were chosen –  Restored HearingLove&Robots and Tender Scout. Three exciting companies with completely different visions but all equally innovatve.

These companies will all pitch against one another at Web Summit to become the Spark of Genius 2014 winner.  They will also exhibit as part of the START program for later stage Startups that we feel have the potential

We caught up with Emer O’Daly to get to know a bit more about Love&Robots prior to the final:

Describe Love&Robots in 20 words
We are a design brand for the digital age of product.  Customers can tweak and personalize our products to themselves and we then 3d print them on-demand.

What are you looking forward to most at Web Summit?
We are looking for people who understand what we are trying to do – whether that is investors, partners, journalists, academics, or potential employees. That is actually what worked really well for us when we attended last year – we finally met people who understood what we were trying to do! It’s so international, which was a big help.

Tell us a little about the Love & Robots team
Our team is comprised of designers, techies and people who bridge the two. We have a few architects, who have turned their skills to designing on a smaller scale – as Coco Chanel said, Fashion is Architecture: It is a matter of proportion! We’ve a few computer scientists, whose interests range from backend dev to UX to digital media to photography. We even have one architect who has a Masters in Computer Science! And of course everyone has a geeky interest in 3d printing.

What’s your favourite part of pitching your company?
We believe in what we’re doing and it’s great when you look at the person you’re pitching to and you can see that they really get it. They get excited about it and they want to know how they can get involved. To have an idea that strangers want to follow – that’s amazing.

If Love & Robots was an animal what would they be and why?
That’s tough… Robot Tiger?! As a company in Dublin we’re kind of out on our own a bit, there’s no others like us. But we can take care of ourselves. And the robot part… well, I guess we don’t get to sleep as much as tigers do!

Why Love & Robots?
The name came from a discussion about the two sides of both what we do and who we are. The team itself is comprised of both creative and technical people and we all cross over that divide in one way or another. We see ourselves at the intersection of art & science or design & tech.

We also, quite literally, make all of our products with love and robots. We collaborate with our design community and customers to create beautiful designs (love) and use computer numerically controlled machines, like 3d printers (robots) to build those products.

Read about another of our Spark of Genius Finalists here.

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