Builders Speakers, Lots of Builders Speakers

The tech world will descend on Dublin for Web Summit 2014 – will you be there? Get your Early Bird ticket now.


In November the most creative and exciting developers and designers in the world will be coming to Web Summit to speak, network and share ideas at the Builders Summit, one of the 4 primary Summits at Web Summit 2014. Today we’re delighted to announce the 7 latest to be added to the list – from Bitcoin, to cleaners, to everything in between. These are the developers that are playing a huge role in defining 21st century tech:

Gavin Andresen – Bitcoin Foundation Chief Scientist

We’ve got the Chief Scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation. Gavin Andresen is a man who made the bold prediction in 2011 that “Bitcoin is designed to bring us back to a decentralised currency of the people” and that it “is like better gold than gold.” Those are fighting words and this November Andresen will be bringing more of these ideas to share at Web Summit 2014. Gavin A

Des Traynor – Intercom Co-Founder

When Des founded Intercom he probably never thought it would get as big as it has. But look at it now – in January the business messaging app raised $23m in a Series B Funding Round. And Des has been a huge part of the growth – as co-founder, head of the customer success team and also writer for Inside Intercom, the company blog which shares insights and thoughts about everything you need to know. Des Traynor 464

 Jules Coleman – CEO

Jules is co-founder and COO of, an online marketplace that is disrupting the billion-dollar cleaning services market for the home. The company recently announced a Series A Investment from Accel Partners – and is now on the move into some of the major cities throughout Europe. Jules Coleman 10

Alex Klein – Kano Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

Alex is co-founder of Kano, a computer you build yourself, like Lego! Kano launched its first kit on Kickstarter in November 2013, hoping to raise $100,000 in 30 days. He hit that goal in 18 hours and went on to raise $1.5million. That made Kano the most crowdfunded learning invention of all time, the UK’s highest-raising Kickstarter, and the recipient of the first-ever Cannes Gold Lion for Product Design.

Ines Sombra – Engine Yard Data Master

To put it simply, Sombra develops and manages Engine Yard’s data storage strategy and product, but is a person who loves a little side project. At the moment she is involved in Papers We Love and running their San Francisco branch. Papers We Love is a hive mind of sorts for people interested in difficult computations and discussing them to gather + share their ideas. They share thought provoking academic papers with their fellow engineers and learn as a group. [youtube id=”YHCFbAaeCDA”]

Randall Thomas – Thunderbolt Labs Founder

What do we have to say about Randall Thomas? Quite a lot actually. He’s been dabbling in tech for the past 20 years, he’s is well versed in dealing with matters from embedded systems to digital video, and even knows his stiff when it comes to applied statistics and cloud computing. A lot of people have these skills in their repertoire, but Thomas has unique insight into integrating these systems to help solve business issues. And before we forget, he’s also CEO and Founder of Thunderbolt Labs, only one of the world leaders in developing business specific software for startups and the global 1000. [youtube id=”5Dd9af6jEjQ”]

Blake Mizerany – CoreOS Evangelist

After starting his career as a developer at a handful of Fortune 500 companies, Blake became one of Heroku’s first hires. He is the creator of the Ruby framework Sinatra and co-creator of the distributed data store Doozer, and recently joined the team at CoreOS. Where will you often find Peter? Evengelizing about things he loves around the world, riding his bike all over San Francisco, or scaling rock walls. Blake Mizerany 22

Would you like to see Jules, Des and Ines speak at Web Summit 2014? You can get your Early Bird tickets now – find out more here.

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