Big data’s 4 big Vs: It’s our Data Summit highlights

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On November 4, Web Summit Day Two, Data Summit opened. If you wanted to know why we’re experiencing a data skills shortage, when our devices will have emotional intelligence or big data’s four big Vs, this was the place for you.

It’s just emotion

Rana El Kaliouby on Web Summit’s Data Stage.

Forget about artificial intelligence. Affectiva Co-Founder Rana El Kaliouby asked what will happen when our devices have emotional intelligence. Her talk focused on how tech can help deal with mental health issues. She said that tech can aid those dealing with depression rather than just provide a hiding place.

Rana told us that the development of emotional intelligence in our devices can help with mental health issues.

What are you actually using data for?

Microsoft’s Josh Holmes co-hosted Data Stage this year and he told us that the key to successful use of data science is asking yourself what problem you’re trying to solve. As you can see, Josh went down a treat with our own Eamonn O’Neill, a Web Summit data scientist.

Big data’s four big Vs

Data Summit Co-Host PJ Hagerty on Data Stage.

Volume, Variety, Velocity, and Veracity. Developer Evangelist at Jut, Inc and Data Summit C0-Host PJ Hagerty gave us big data’s four key Vs in a talk that sprawled from Alan Turing to modern big data.

Remember the four Vs of big data.

The many shapes and sizes of data scientists

Creator of Pandas at Cloudera Wes McKinney.

Cloudera’s Wes McKinney asked why, if data scientist is the 21st century’s sexiest job title, we’re experiencing a skills shortage in the industry. He told us that there are many kinds of ‘data people’, from developers to researchers to creatives to businesspeople.

Wes spoke on data tools and the data scientist shortage.

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