Beating ticket touts and partnering with Disclosure: 5 minutes with DICE’s Phil Hutcheon

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Phil Hutcheon is the founder of DICE, a music discovery and ticketing platform named by the Guardian as one of the best apps of 2014.

The platform is 100 percent mobile and they’ve just partnered with Disclosure as primary ticketing partners for their UK Caracal Tour.

Phil will be speaking at Music Summit where he’ll be talking about the increasing monetisation of fans at live music events, so ahead of his talk I chatted to him about touts, tours and the best pop song of the last five years…

Phil, will ticket touts ever be defeated?

Our first goal is to take down institutional touting – where big organisations hoover up tickets before fans are given the chance to purchase them.

No matter what free market economists say about secondary ticketing in general, institutional touting is utterly wrong.

Who is the one artist you’ve never had the chance to see live but would love to?

Tom Waits. He needs to do one last tour.

[youtube id=”9ZmqbcBsTAw”]

It’s been said that the data collected by DICE could help bands decide on the right time to try to ‘break’ countries outside their home. Do you think that not having access to data and customer insights had a negative impact on British artists’ previous attempts to break overseas?

It’s not just British acts: it’s any act who wants to think global. Managing and growing artists is complex and yet managers just don’t have the right data to help plan global releases, touring and pricing. It’s kind of insane.

With DICE, we can help work out the right venue and price to ensure it works for fans.

What’s the best-written pop song of the last five years?

Technically it has to be Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars. The structure and craft is utterly amazing. My favourite song right now is Pretty Pimpin’ by Kurt Vile.

[youtube id=”659pppwniXA”]

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