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Some of the most influential people in tech will be making their way to Dublin for Web Summit – you can be there too and make some life changing connections


Our analytics guys love crunching numbers, getting their hands on some data and they go nuts when they get to do a little eigenvector centrality analysis of the world’s tech communities using Datasift’s immensely powerful firehose. The most influential in a community aren’t always those permanently based there, and these Barcelona super connectors prove that point. Thanks to Datasift we’ve found some obvious Barcelona super connectors – as you can see from the graphic below – but we’ve also found some surprising super connectors based in surrounding cities that wield just as much influence.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.47.55

Carlos Blanco

A serial entrepreneur since the mid-90s, Carlos has been at the forefront of Spain’s internet industry for almost twenty years.  As well as working as a mentor in numerous startup accelerators, he founded an accelerator programme of his own called Conector. His mentorship extends further in his role as speaker and teacher at countless institutions such as ESADE and IESE Business School. On top of his role as CEO/founder of incubator Grupo ITnet, he has interests as a business angel in over 30 different startups. What’s more, with business affairs as far reaching as South America, his influence spreads globally – and we hear he isn’t bad with a football either (his son now plays for Juventus FC).

carlos blanco

Xavier Verdaguer

Inventor, researcher, academic, investor, innovator, mentor, founder – the list of titles and companies that Xavier is involved with is as long as your arm (and we’re assuming you have really long arms). Moving between Barcelona and Palo Alto, California, Xavier has been a serial entrepreneur since founding his first company at the age of 25 (which he then ran for 11 years). As well as holding several technology patents and being a board member of Moebio,  he was named in the book “Persons of Catalonia” in 2009 before being awarded JCI’s Creative Young Entrepreneur Award in 2010.

xavier verdaguer

Elena Gomez Pozuelo

At the centre of our data web is Elena Gomez Pozuelo. As well as being owner of BebeDeParis she is a shareholder and mentor involved in three startups and has played a major part in numerous other companies since the early 90s . With interests ranging from data protection law to digital marketing, for 10 years she was Director General of the Spanish Direct Marketing Association and the E-Commerce Association of Spain. For the past 7 years she has been President of Adigital, the trade federation for all companies interested in the evolution of the digital economy.


Francesc Grau

A specialist in digital communication, for the past 10 years Francesc has been collaborating with businesses, organisations and individuals to help them manage their digital communication and improve their online marketing. He has worked alongside a range of companies as diverse as Nestle, Betfair and LaCaixa. As well as being the winner of an International Advertising Award and a Professor at the Open University of Catalonia, in 2008 he was invited by NASA to their Washington Headquarters for their first online communication with internet users around the world. He is author of the book “Twitter In One Week.”

francesc grau

Joana Sánchez

Joana is a digital strategy expert. As Founder and President of her own consultancy, Incipy, she advises and educates companies, helping them to better use technology to obtain improved results for their business. A keen promoter of women in business she is founder of Womenalia, a social network for female professionals. She was Business Editor of the Direct and Interactive Marketing Dictionary and along with Elena Gomez Pozuelo, she is involved in Adigital as the federation’s Vice President.


Martin Varsavsky

Hailing from Argentina but now based in Madrid, Martin has been in business for over thirty years, during which time he has founded seven different companies. His current venture, Fon, is the largest WiFi network in the world and boasts investors such as Google, Skype and BT. Having created the Varsavsky Foundation, he manages two large educational projects in Latin America and he teaches entrepreneurship at Columbia University and NYU. As well as contributing articles on business to major national and international publications such as El Pais and Newsweek, he also is a Trustee of the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation, and he sits on the board of Spain’s leading business school.

martin varsavsky

Pedro Rojas

With over 14 years of corporate experience in different countries, Pedro has held various management positions in prestigious multinationals like General Motors and Tyco Electronics. As an educator in community management and social media, he has written four books has been a professor of graduate and undergraduate students in the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the Universidad Santa María in Caracas, Venezuela, as well as being director and professor of several programs in Inesdi Digital Business School. He is a professional speaker and his blog “Senior Manager” is widely recognised as one of the most popular people management blogs on the internet.


Hernán Rodríguez

Hernan is a man who is all about mobile. He is Founder and Director of the Spanish Association of Mobile Communications and works as a freelance consultant, mobile apps developer and public speaker. He is a specialist in mobile marketing and mobile messaging solutions and has worked with companies like Apple, Vodafone, Google and Telefónica.

hernan rodriguez

Daniel Otero

Daniel is founder of doiser.com, an online database and community for businesses looking to avail of a range of products and services at discounted costs.  Alongside that, he holds the position of Associate Professor in Catalonia Polytechnic University, and he has also previously worked with companies such as GE and Repsol YPF. Daniel can also be found blogging at www.danieloterorodriguez.com.

Daniel Otero

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