Ballsbridge Hotel – Best Location Hotel of the Week

Ballsbridge Hotel, located on Pembroke Road, is our Best Location Hotel of the Week. Fancy something a little cheaper? Why not try Best Western Plus Academy Plaza Hotel, and if you want a combination of good location & pricing, take a look at The Gibson Hotel.

Hotel of the Week explained: Following requests for advice from attendees on the best hotels to book in Dublin, we’re starting a helpful weekly post. Each week we’ll recommend what we feel is simply the best deal in Dublin in terms of price, location, reviews and networking. We’ve got lots of local knowledge, so we thought you’d find it useful.

This week’s recommendations are:

Ballsbridge Hotel – Best Location
Best Western Plus Academy Plaza Hotel – Best Price
The Gibson Hotel – Best Location & Price Combo

Here’s why: We think the location, price, and reviews make these hotels the most unbeatable in Dublin for The Summit right now.

The facts:

Ballsbridge Hotel is just an 8 minute walk from The Summit Dublin venue, its got an Excellent Traveller Rating on Tripadvisor, and is just €279.20 per night. It’s absolutely the best location in the city.

Best Western Plus Academy Plaza Hotel is at the heart of Dublin City Centre. It’s just a 20 minute bus journey from The Summit venue, and has an 84% satisfaction rate on Tripadvisor. It’s the best value hotel on the market at the moment at an incredible €84.15 per night. You won’t find a better bargain in Dublin. And, as if that wasn’t enough, it’s got free wifi too.

The Gibson Hotel is perfect for those who want compromise between good price, and good location. It’s just a 13 minute cycle from The Summit Dublin venue, has free wifi, and is ranked #10 out of 177 hotels in Dublin on Tripadvisor. At just €189 per night it’s one of our most popular choices for accommodation in Dublin.

Ballsbridge Hotel – Book Now >>
Best Western Plus Academy Plaza Hotel – Book Now >>
The Gibson Hotel – Book Now >>

If you’re looking for another hotel type, such as a five star hotel, we suggested visiting our extensive hotels booking page here.
You can make your hotel booking directly by clicking “Book Now” above, or phone:

Ballsbridge Hotel: +353 (01) 637 9300
Best Western Plus Academy Plaza Hotel: +353 (01) 878 0666
The Gibson Hotel: +353 (01) 681 5000

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