Awe and wonder and drones for good: It’s 10 Machine Summit highlights

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For three days last week, Machine Summit at Web Summit was the place to join the revolution redefining how we interact with everyday products.

“We need to bring back a sense of awe and wonder,” said one of our speakers.

We brought it.

This is not sci-fi


“This is not science fiction, these technologies will launch this year,” said Movidius CEO Remi El-Ouazzane. He was speaking to DAQRI Co-Founder Gaia Dempsey on artificial visualisation – ‘seeing’ machines. 

Cheap labour in the sky


That’s how DroneDeploy Co-Founder Jono Millin described drones. His talk touched on how drones are disrupting agriculture, also mentioning how infrared imaging can show farmers which areas of their fields are performing best.

An audience with a robot


That’s the Pepper the robot who opened Day Two of Machine Summit. Pepper was developed by Aldebaran, whose Business Development Director Julien Seret (pictured) joined Pepper on stage shortly after the opening remarks. Check out Pepper in action:

All stars talk wearables


This all-star CEO panel had Eric Migicovsky of Pebble, John Paul of VenueNext and Cedric Hutchings of Withings talking wearables. “The mistake with Google Glass was adding the camera,” said John Paul.

Shine a light on you


Head of Technology at Philips Home Systems George Yianni shone a light on IoT on Machine Summit Day Two. He used Los Angeles’s connected LED streetlights as an example of IoT driving a more connected, energy-efficient and safe urban environment.

Amoral machines and robotic entities


Futurist at Singularity University Nell Watson joined four panels over Days One and Two of Machine Summit. She talked about robot ethics, machine influence on society, what makes us human and more. Our favourite quote? “I am not that afraid of amoral machines, I am more afraid of ‘super moral’ robotic entities.”

Bring back awe and wonder


“We need to bring back a sense of awe and wonder for the app generation,” said Mary Ann de Lares Norris on Machine Summit Day One. She’s COO at Oblong and her panel talk focused on the cars of the future and whether we’re ready for them.

What the cloud has done for IoT


Reggie Bradford is the one of the world’s most important people in cloud computing. He’s SVP Product Development at Oracle and he joined us on Day Two for a talk on how the cloud has impacted IoT.

Bridging the trust gap


“Artificial intelligence hasn’t changed much, now we just have more data and more power to process it,” said Accenture’s Global Head of Technology Marc Carrel-Billiard on Day Two. He talked about how even after three decades of significant advances in AI, a public distrust still persists.

Taking the world


Director of Education at DJI Romeo Durscher told us how drones are capturing the world from above and below. Romeo’s talk focused on how drones can be a force for good.

Risks, responsibilities and robots


Cynthia Breazeal is Founder and Chief Scientist at Jibo and she joined a panel on Day Two discussing the rise of social robots. Cynthia chatted about the risks we must embrace and the new responsibilities we must bear in world of increasing automation. 

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