8 Awesome Argentinian Startups

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The tango, Diego Maradona, fine wine, Che Guevara and Lionel Messi aren’t all this country has to brag about. Coming to us from over 11,000 km away, we can not wait to welcome some of the best of the best from the Argentinian Startup scene. Ranging from a social network for coders to a cutting edge video capture technique for skaters to a hobbyist’s playground, these companies have their finger on the pulse of technological innovation and are figuring out new exciting ways to meld technology into our everyday lives.


GitColony is a platform for developers to showcase their skills. GitColony gamifies the code review experience by providing incentives for developers to improve the quality of their code. Similar to a dating site, developers are matched with code and get to review only the code they are experts on. gitcolony


Syrmo is a motion tracker that connects to phones and allows skaters to record sessions, trick by trick. Skaters attach the lightweight technology to their boards and following a session can immediately review, edit and share their stats and videos.

[youtube id=”Lry9pjooi0s”]


Enye is a service provider that focuses on creating easy to use technology based solutions for companies facing long term strategic difficulties. Enye strives to produce software in a multi-disciplinary environment that stimulates innovation and creativity at all levels of its operations.



SayYeahTV is the first Internet TV Channel for Millennials in Latin America. They create interactive content across live web shows, VOD and events across a number of countries where the viewers can interact in real time with the shows and stars.

[youtube id=”JJUEUYqFDzo”]


Pickmebus is an app designed to improve users’ experiences on buses. It provides updated traffic information as well as the opportunity for users to share info with others, as well as favourite certain stops and find out the waiting time at each stop.

[youtube id=’78q0l_N2V_8′]


Pixpol is a space for hobbiers to share their passion with likeminded people. Users can discover new hobbies and sign up for classes, or, list spaces available for booking (Eg. a dance studio) for other enthusiasts.

[youtube id=’EeIJjMQH9tQ’]

Puerto Finanzas

Puerto Finanzas is a social network designed around financial markets and helping users improve financial decisions. It is a place for users to share investment ideas, stay informed about the latest news in financial markets, and get connected with companies of interest.

puertos finanzas


Alantu is a mobile computing grid community boosted by game mechanics. It helps with the processing needs of large complex data projects.  Alantu’s platform is possible due to the donations of users who contribute their non usage processing capacity.


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