Apple’s ex-CEO, Github’s founder & CEO & more coming to Web Summit

Today we’re announcing 6 more incredible speakers for this years Web Summit. They’ll be joining the founders of Slack, Stripe and Pixar, along with rapper Nas in November in Dublin. These are the first of more than 800 speakers we will be announcing over the coming months. In other news 100 Web Summit 2 for 1 tickets are going on sale today, April 30, at 4pm.

John Sculley – Former CEO – Apple and Pepsi 

John is a well-known business leader with one foot in the storied history of Apple and the other planted firmly in 21st century innovations that change the way the world does business. He has more than 40 years experience as a corporate executive, investor, entrepreneur and mentor, which spans across fascinating projects. He was Pepsi Cola Company’s first MBA recruit, and worked his way up to CEO. He was also CEO at Apple for an impressive 10 years. He has since founded and invested in a bunch of cool companies like Misfit Wearables.

john sculley


Nigel Eccles – CEO – FanDuel

An Irishman, Nigel is an online gaming and media veteran having worked at McKinsey and three other start-ups. In 2014, his company FanDuel paid out more than $500 million in winnings and took in $50 million in fees. Certainly no small feat.

Nigel Eccles

Chris Wanstrath – Co-Founder & CEO – GitHub

Chris co-founded GitHub back in 2008. It has since become the world’s largest software collaboration and hosting service. Prior to founding GitHub he worked as an engineer at CNET Networks on Gamespot and the launch of Chow. GitHub is valued somewhere in the neighborhood of $750 million. Not bad at all. 

chris wanstrath

Nell Watson – Founder & CEO – Poikos

Nell is an engineering technologist, serial entrepreneur and futurist thought leader. Nearly 5 years ago she founded the computer vision tech company Poikos. Poikos empowers anyone to obtain a 3D scan with 100+ accurate measurements. All this whilst only using the onboard camera in your phone.


Mary Aiken – CyberPsychologist

Mary is a CyberPsychologist, specialising in the intersection between technology and human behaviour.  Mary holds some fascinating positions like being the Academic Advisor to the European Cyber Crime Centre at Europol. She’s involved in a number of Forensic CyberPsychology research areas including organised cyber crime, and she advises at European level in policy debates. How did she get into the area? Her work is so interesting that it inspired CBS primetime show CSI:Cyber, and Mary produces the show.

mary aiken


Don’t miss these incredible 6 speakers this November at Web Summit. 2 for 1 tickets go on sale today at 4pm.

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