That’s right, another 50 Investors coming to Web Summit

Investment companies from across the Globe are coming to Web Summit.  – Get your tickets here


As promised, we’re announcing yet another 50 investors who will be in attendance at Web Summit in November.  Whether an ALPHA early stage Startup or a more mature START company, these investors cover all the bases with a wide range of interests and areas of specialty. So, here are 50 more investors you could meet in Dublin:

Rory O’Driscoll – GP at Scale Venture Partners
Chris Hutchins – Partner at Google Ventures
Simon Levene – Partner at Mosaic Ventures
Damien Lane – Partner at Episode 1 Ventures LLP
Omri Benayoun – General partner at Partech Ventures
Eric Martineau-Fortin – Managing Partner at White Star Capital
Jan Christoph Gras – Managing Director at Berlin Ventures
Matt Gehl – Head of EMEA Technology Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank
Neal Dempsey – Managing Director at Bay Partners
Cornelius Jansen – Vice President at HPE Growth Capital
Gareth Healy – Investment Director at Inflexion Private Equity Partners
Andrew Matorin – Vice President, M&A at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Lothar J. Stein – Managing Director at Innovation Ventures
Pradeep Raman – Early Stage Investor at Forward Partners
Shay Garvey – Partner at Frontline Ventures
Jouko Ahvenainen – Chairman & Founder at Grow VC Group
Mustafa E. SAY – Founder Managing Partner at iLab Ventures
Massimiliano Magrini – Co-Founder and Managing Partner at United Ventures
Neil Sadaranganey – Managing director at Docomo capital
Paolo Gesess – Partner at United Ventures
Paulo Gaspar – Associate at Hoxton Ventures
Teddie Wardi – Senior Associate at Dawn Capital
Marta Sjögren – Investment Manager at Northzone
Rene Seifert – Co-Founder at Venturate AG
Diogo Teles – Product Lead at Faber Ventures
Barbara Rudnicka – Investment Director at WinVentures
Piotr Pietrzak – Investment Director at WinQbator
Ido Hochman – Associate at NM Rothschild
Stanislav Ivanov – Investment manager at SmartCap
Aapo Bovellan – Founding Partner at Proxy Ventures UK
Rasmus Nisted Velling – Portfolio Manager at North-East Venture
Sophia Choi – Senior Associate at Sparklabs
Luis Adão da Fonseca – Partner at Laje Capital
Alex Campbell – Asia M&A at STW Group
Will Brooks – Director at Portfolio Ventures
David Sepulveda – Director at Investar Financial
Alberto Tubilla – Managing Partner at XB Ventures
Philippe NYSSEN – Investment Analyst at Sofina
Michael Gruber – CEO at Cornerstone Opportunity Partners, LLC
Jose Vieitez – Co-Director at Boomtown Accelerator
Robert Jan Galema – Managing Director at INKEF Capital
Teresa Fernandes – Member of the Board at Portugal Ventures
Sascha Hausmann – Partner at HOWZAT Again LLP
Richard Watson – Investment Manager at AIB Seed Capital Fund
Miles Frost – Partner at Frost Brooks
Ralph Eric Kunz – Managing Partner at Catagonia Ltd.
Adam Rooney – Director at SW3 Capital
Barbara Belvisi – Co-Founder and Partner at Elephants & Ventures
Chris Kolenaty – Managing Partner at Snow Leopard Technology Ventures
Thiri Myint – Associate at LGT Venture Philanthropy

Why not look at our extensive list of 250 Investors coming to Web Summit.

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