Announcing the Spark of Genius winner: Bizimply

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ESB’s Spark of Genius is the search for Ireland’s best startup, and today that best startup was discovered. Congratulations to Bizimply on winning Spark of Genius.

Bizimply specialise in software that makes scheduling and attendance easy. The fuss of paper scheduling is forgotten with their product.

I caught up with Bizimply’s Co-Founder Gerard Forde,after he received his award to get his initial reaction on the achievement.


The whole Bizimply team met you off the stage, looking thrilled. What does winning Spark of Genius mean to you and the team?

It’s fantastic. We were three people at Christmas and there’s 13 of us today. Hopefully in the next four or five months we’ll double that again. And just for the whole team, there’s so many young ambitious team members who wanted to join a startup and now it’s a startup that’s winning awards. So it’s hugely important to us.

What does the next year look like for Bizimply?

We’re just in the process of opening an office in Boston; we’re going to start expanding into the US market. So that’s big for us. We hope to be one of the biggest global HR companies in the world. Someday we hope to have hundreds and hundreds of employees. That’s our plan. We just try to grow, grow, grow.


What’s been your Web Summit highlight so far?

The first person I actually got to see was Mikey (also a Bizimply Co-Founder) pitching. We’ve been run off our feet. What I actually do is come home at night and then I watch it on Youtube.

Stewart from Slack was really cool to see. We’ve seen a bunch of different guys in different enterprise spaces like the guys from Stripe and Intercom. There’s so many great Irish companies, you don’t even have to look to the international speakers. The Irish guys are building great companies as well.

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