The World’s Hardest Working Startup Competition

The Web Summit is launching a new competition to find the World’s Hardest Working Startup.

Building a startup is hard. It’s a roller coaster of highs and lows. But without the passion and dedication of incredible teams pursuing dreams and building products around the world, innovation would stop. “So here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels.”

We’re looking for the World’s Hardest Working Startup. We’re not looking for the world’s best product. We’re looking for a team so crazy, so dedicated, so passionate that you feel they deserve to be treated like kings at the Summit in Dublin. Perhaps you know that startup and would like to see them get some recognition.

Well, 700 of our ALPHA Startups, that’s our early stage startups exhibiting at the Summit, have been asked to write a short blurb. Now you – the public – can read and vote for your favourite startup here.

The top 50 ALPHA Startups with the most votes will be judged by a panel, who will determine their Top 5 Hardest Working Startups and pick the overall winner.

We’re going to collect the winning team in fancy private cars from Dublin airport, whisk them to their rooms in the Four Seasons Hotel where investors from around the world are staying, bring them out on the Main Stage at the Summit, and lots more. We’ll be putting the rest of the top 5 in a nice hotel too.

You can find full details an vote here. If you’d like to be there to meet the World’s Hardest Working Startup, you can register for the Summit here.

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