And then there were 40: Announcing our PITCH semi-finalists

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We’re looking for 2015’s best startups and we’re getting closer to finding them. With the PITCH Powered by Audi group stages completed, 200 startups have been cut to 40 and we’re headed for the semi-final stage this afternoon.

Of these 20 ALPHA and 20 BETA startups, six will progress to tomorrow’s final on Centre Stage.

Here’s who made the cut and when and where you can catch their four-minute PITCH.

The action during the group stages of PITCH powered by Audi at Web Summit.

ALPHA semi-final one – PITCH Stage 1

Shoprocket – 2.30pm

SoapBox Labs – 2.38pm

Neuroelectrics – 2.46pm

Saxa – 2.54pm

Wibbu – 3.02pm

Pura – 3.10pm

Luke Roberts – 3.18pm

Freshbits – 3.26pm

Mocial Call – 3.34

Viewpop – 3.42pm

ALPHA semi-final two – PITCH Stage 2 – 4pm

RealSociable – 2.30pm

Jobvibe – 2.38pm

Prehos – 2.46pm

Inevio – 2.54pm

MediaGamma – 3.02pm

Findify – 3.10pm

Fatmap – 3.18pm

Connecterra – 3.26pm

Marinanow – 3.34pm

Shake On

BETA semi-final one – PITCH Stage 3 – 2pm

Credilikeme – 2pm

Yonderbound – 2.08pm

Bizimply – 2.16pm

Pay With a Tweet – 2.24pm

Pic Mix – 2.32pm

GoodDeed – 2.40pm

FutureHome – 2.48pm

Radinn – 2.56pm

451degrees – 3.04pm

Murgency – 3.12pm

BETA semi-final two – PITCH Stage 3 – 3.30pm

BiiSafe – 3.30pm

EasyLive – 3.38pm

Crowdsystems – 3.46pm

Revolut – 3.54pm

Gamaya – 4.02pm

BugWolf – 4.10pm

Keeeb – 4.18pm

IMAX Group – 4.26pm

UNU – 4.34pm

Movidiam – 4.42pm

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