ALPHA: An Interactive View

This week we’ve produced an in-depth analysis of the demographics of our early-stage startup attendees selected for our ALPHA program. From 5,000+ applications from countries spanning quite literally the entire planet, we’ve selected 600 of the most exciting and innovative emerging startups to be part of the Web Summit’s ALPHA program.

The interactive maps below allow you to examine the variation of startups across geographical areas that you’ll meet in Dublin, both by country and by city. Simply click on each map to access the interactive data.

The first examines the 80 countries where ALPHA startups originate from:

Startups by Country

The second captures the range of over 230 cities that our startups operate out of:

Startups by City

It is interesting to note the traditional hubs of San Francisco, New York, Tel Aviv, London, Paris and Amsterdam are combined with emerging startup scenes in New Delhi, Cairo, Lagos and São Paulo.

These maps capture the globally diverse set of startups that will be exhibiting and networking here in Dublin in October.

View the Interactive Maps

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