Born in the USA – 9 startups crossing the Atlantic in November

Startups from all corners of the globe are pitching their stall at Web Summit this year. Here are 9 interesting companies all coming to Dublin this November – want to join them?


Renowned as the ‘land of the free and home of the brave’, startups in the US usually follow this mantra to a tee; endeavouring to get some random startup tech idea that roamed through their head to flourish on a global stage and courageously pushing until they reach their goal. Below are some startups that are set to be in Dublin this November to showcase what they have to offer. Each idea is groundbreaking in its own unique way and has the potential to change people’s live, from saving money on holidays, to opening up third-level education to all, and even helping people with their weekly shop.

Like all other companies living by the MOOC (massive open online course) mantra, is aiming to revolutionise education access. Founder Jack Hernandez is adamant that the company is more than “an online class video viewing site” and although their overall aim is ambitious, to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to learn would be an excellent innovation for people from poor socio-economic backgrounds.


Founded by Rom Eizenberg, CA7CH is the company behind the latest innovation in wearable cameras called Lightbox. Unlike others, this little camera packs a punch. Squeezed into its 1.5 inch squared frame is an 8 Megapixel HD sensor, Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity, a powerful video processor, built-in cloud storage… and it’s waterproof. Another nifty feature of the device is the cameras patented magnetic clip that allows people to attach it anywhere that it will clip on. [vimeo id=”87354608″]

Be Well Marketplace

Be Well Marketplace is startup that aims to create a community for the beauty and wellness industries, giving these people somewhere to link up and make connections with other brands in their sector. By centralising all retail and wholesale opportunities for its members (brands and buyers), Be Well Marketplace hopes to reduce the costs its members are paying for beauty and wellness products.


Very much in its infancy, this proximity-based group messaging service uses the in-built location services in mobile devices to help users connect with their friends. Whether it’s organising friends within a five mile radius to go for some drinks or seeing who’s around for a coffee, Bleepr will be the app that makes socialising that bit easier. [vimeo id=”86462881″]

Family Vacation

Set up by Pavel Ciobanu, Family Vacation is a startup that has the potential to revolutionise the way families book their holidays and the opportunities that are available to them. The company coordinates with people who live in different regions in order to broaden the travel opportunities and experiences available on the website and make their vacations more authentic. Based on the four key principles of a holiday: Stay, Eat, Fun, and Ride; the website will help families to customise their vacation with these principles in mind.


Dooing is an app designed to help businesses improve their team management potential and in the long run… save time. The app has a simple three step process for assigning tasks, firstly a task is created, then the user is able to locate employees on a map in real time, and finally assign them a task and get a notification if they accept, reject or complete the request. [vimeo id=”98023735″]


They’re a company that believes social media interactions should flow naturally, and with their service, no longer will apps developers have to worry about hosting or picking the tech to use to ensure interactions on their platform run smoothly. The people at geekrowd are also behind developing apps such as Krowdify, a service where developers can download open source apps, and Draw-a-Krowd, which is a social drawing network that allows artists to gather and share any of their artwork.


Pyrus is a simple yet powerful web and mobile-based task manager, which will help improve efficiency and productiveness at work. Max Nalsky founded the company in 2011 because he felt businesses need a service that is more efficient for task delegation than employees tirelessly sifting through emails looking for that odd-job they were assigned days/weeks/months ago. With this service, businesses can rest assured that their employees will be less distracted at work by their email inbox ticking over and communication will be more structured.

Pyrus Logo


Based on some personal experience in relation to how hard it can be to do grocery shopping on a budget, Lauren Foster founded Stretch. Allowing you to punch in your budget and restrictions (such as allergies/lifelong hate for brussel sprouts), the app gives you nutritional chef recipes, shopping lists, and coupons that will work for you. The simple, yet life-changing, app has already enjoyed a lot of early success, winning the Tech Crunch Audience Choice at Pitch Off and was also selected as a finalist for UnLtd USA‘s year of support in mentorship.

[youtube id=”PzryvZEXpSU”]

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