9 Singaporean Startups worth singing about

Last year, attendees from 97 different countries came to Web Summit. One of those countries is Singapore, and in November the following selection of up-and-coming companies will be making the trip from Southeast Asia – why not join them?


Translating from the Malay as “Lion City”, the name Singapore came about when the country’s founder Sang Nila Utama saw lions on the island. Or so he thought. It turns out that he probably saw tigers instead. We’ll not hold it against him. One thing that can’t be mistaken though is this city’s status as an emerging hub of startup activity. Roaring into Dublin for Web Summit 2014 will be an intriguing array of companies: two startups are bringing healthcare into the digital age; one provides wearable technology for cricket players; while another makes the daunting task of understanding big data far more approachable – and that’s just scratching the surface.


Cosified is a vertical social network which is coming your way to add new spark to your volunteerism experiences. It has been initiated with the intent to connect volunteers to other like-minded individuals and also enhance collaboration between volunteers, NGOs and sponsors to address localized community needs.

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Pamperologist offers a fun way to discover where to get your next beauty appointment. Find a salon nearby, search for the style you like, check out the trending pictures, and call to book the salon before the appointment gets filled up. By checking salon reviews by users, pictures of styles, and all other information, you will never risk being surprised by the service or style you’ll receive at the salon.


North Village

North Village is a new app providing a simple way for retailers to set up rewards programmes to ensure their customers keep coming back. Optimised for consumers as well as retailers, the focus is on being affordable and the ability for users to interact directly with businesses and their peers.


Built on the concern that patients have incomplete information on who can make them better, this healthcare startup aims to empower patients. hooheals organises information on medical professionals so that patients don’t need to do the hard work when they’re sick.

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BitX is a global cryptocurrency platform that provides Bitcoin products and services including wallets, exchanges, merchant integration and APIs to consumers, businesses and developers across emerging markets.



Using a series of sensors connected with an app, Provolv is a system of wearable technology for cricket players, providing them with pro-level stats so they can constantly improve their game.

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QN Software

QN Software is an independent development studio composed of industry veterans dedicated to creating high-quality multiplayer online games. With experience from end to end of the entire production cycle, looking back at several large scale titles shipped in the past 10 years, the company’s strong technical background allows them to produce content unusually fast.

Crayon Data

One of the fastest growing companies in the big data landscape, Crayon Data is a startup founded with a vision to simplify the world’s choices. The company has built a big data platform that vastly expands the data sets beyond enterprise data. The platform helps enterprises to connect their internal data with the unstructured data outside, including social media. By connecting multi-dimensional data the platform provides richer and more intelligent data-led decisions to its clients.

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RingMD allows patients to connect with expert doctors by video or phone. Through selective recruiting and premium partnerships, RingMD offers easy access to some of the world’s greatest medical practitioners.

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