Boldly Going Where No One Has Gone Before – 9 New Enterprise Speakers

It’s a platform where the industry figureheads and future leaders of enterprise can share their ideas, it’s the Enterprise Summit.


They’re all bridging that gap between now and the final frontier of enterprise, our latest group of speakers are each vital cogs in the industry and are all speaking at the Enterprise Summit. This November, Web Summit 2014 will have an industry specific campus for all these leaders of enterprise to spread their message.

On the enterprise campus – with specific workshops, networking events, and most importantly a main stage – these speakers will describe their experiences as they built themselves up to be the best there is. Want to know a bit more about who they are, what they do, and where they come from? Let’s find out:

John Engates – Rackspace (CTO)

Every so often, a CTO that truly cares about customer satisfaction comes along and John Engates is one of these champions of keeping his user bases’ needs catered for. Engates has been at Rackspace since the year after the cloud-computing company launched in 1999, joining to head up their data center operations and customer-service teams. Since then he has risen through the ranks to become CTO of the company and made himself one of the prime voices spreading the concept of cloud computing and data center efficiency. [youtube id=”7zJRrIOJjBM”]

Justin Rosenstein – Asana (co-Founder)

With a passion for yoga and meditation, it’s no surprise that Justin Rosenstein had a role to play in the creation of Asana, the application that is used by companies all across the world to promote better teamwork and overall efficiency. The wealth of knowledge he has brought to Asana came from vast experience with Facebook and Google, where he worked on projects such as the Like button and the original concept for Gmail Chat. [vimeo id=”90161974″]

Urs Hölzle – Google (Senior VP Tech Infrastructure)

Urs Hölzle wasn’t just one of the first 10 people in the door at Google, he’s in the top 8! That’s right, Hölzle has been at the company that has changed the way we live since the very start and watched how the company has rapidly grew and has all that experience to share at the Enterprise Summit. Currently, he is Senior VP for Technical Infrastructure at Google, meaning his large (and we mean very large) brief has him overseeing the design, installation + operation of servers, networks, and data centers that power Google’s services. In following keynote, Hölzle explains Google’s vision for cloud computing: [youtube id=”qokEYBNWA_0″]

Rachel Schutt – Newscorp (SVP, Chief Data Scientist)

Rachel Schutt is fresh face in the publications industry and represents a clear statement from News Corp that they see the importance data science can play in maintaining a foothold in their industry. Joining the company in October 2013, she has brought a wealth of statistical knowledge to the media conglomerate due to her experience as a Senior Statistician at Google Research and as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Statistics at Colombia University. If News Corp are going to survive the looming threats hovering over all print media, the hat tips and extra Christmas bonuses will be directed at Rachel Schutt. Rachel Schutt

John Hering – Lookout (CEO)

Superheroes usually are known as people who can fly, fight crime, and protect the innocent. Although John Hering may not look like your everyday superhero, as the co-founder and CEO of Lookout he is playing a role in protecting our every day lives… defending our mobile devices from malware and spyware. So, you may disagree that he is a superhero, but you can’t argue with Lookout’s growing numbers. In five years its user base has grown to 50 million and is still ever increasing. [youtube id=”vPW-Z_0vNtQ”]

Todd McKinnon – Okta (CEO)

Some questioned Todd McKinnon when he left his role at Saleforce to launch Okta, the cloud security system, but five years later he has barely had any time to give their concerns a second thought due to his rapid success. In this short time, McKinnon’s company has grown to become the market leader in identity solution and has hundreds of enterprise customers. [youtube id=”pmVQ99GXbXg”]

Hemma Prafullchandra – HyTrust (CTO)

With 20 years experience in the area of security and distributed networking, Hemma Prafullchandra will bring to the Enterprise Summit a bank of knowledge. People interested in cloud computing value what she has to say as Prafullchandra regularly features on the Virtualization Security Roundtable podcast and is a prominent contributor to the PCI Security Standards Council Virtualization Special Interest Group. For some of her opinions on the challenges of virtualisation, jump to 4:15 into the following video. [youtube id=”rPJLILoFRyM?t=3m59s”]

JP Rangaswami – Salesforce (Chief Scientist)

JP Rangaswami has had quite a journey from originally reporting as a financial journalist to being a leading voice in relation to disruptive technology and current Chief Scientist at Salesforce. There’s a common theme between all of our Enterprise Summit speakers; they are trying to make life simpler. And with that in mind, Rangaswami talks a big game: “I believe that we do live in an age of information overload, and that we have to find ways of simplifying our access to the information… of having better tools to visualise the information, to enrich and improve it, of passing the information on.” Hear, hear! JP Rangaswami Salesforce

Eugene Kaspersky – Kaspersky Lab (Founder)

In 1989, Eugene Kaspersky sort of kick started his career in computer security when his computer was unfortunately infected by the Cascade virus. As a cryptographer he went about trying to assess and create a solution to deal with the virus… the rest is history. He developed a keen interest for learning how computer viruses worked, which eventually led to the creation of Kaspersky Lab. Today, his company protects the systems we rely on from over 100 million malicious programs, employs almost 3,000 IT security experts, and is based in 30 separate countries. Eugene Kaspersky All the leaders in enterprise above are coming to The Summit in November. Would you like to join them? Get your Early Bird Tickets here

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