Munich Startups: Nine you need to know about

Last year, over a thousand Germans came to Web Summit. This coming November even more will be making connections at the largest tech conference in Europe – will you be joining them?


The coming months promise exciting times for anyone based in Munich – especially for the guys involved in these 9 startups. Just after Oktoberfest wraps up they will be Dublin-bound for Novemberfest or, as it’s officially called, Web Summit 2014. It says a lot about the German tech industry when we can post a list of startups from just one city, and Munich’s offering covers everything from travel to games development.


MoID remembers names and contact info for real-life people you meet, so you can connect later – even from home. [youtube id=’0Y8LyPhdkzw’]


In many regions of the world, navigation devices only locate a fraction of buildings by their street address. Naymit helps you solve that problem. Naymit is an app (web and Android) which lets you mark, share and find exact locations. Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 16.12.25


xWare42™ GmbH has taken on the task of catapulting the classic system of payment transactions into the 21st century by using cutting-edge technology. xWare42 has been an established insider tip in the industry since 2011 and is the result of a group of experts from various fields of cashless payment transactions. 



myIDkeeper is an App for Android and iOS devices that extends the functionality of your address book. The service connects you easier than ever before with old friends, new acquaintances, and business contacts. Via myID, your contact information gets exchanged and henceforth synchronizes if any details change.


UXsuite GmbH develops advanced analytics software and tools to collect, measure and influence behavioral usage and attitudinal experience of a range of electronic products from websites to tangible electronics devices.



Goalympia empowers business teams to achieve goals effectively, based on powerful yet easy-to-use goal management, real-time transparency of activities and progress, and team collaboration and feedback facilities. Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 17.34.35


Through careful research, Travador seeks the best travel experiences for its users and brings them together clearly, on an easy-to-use website.



VibeWrite are the makers of the VibeWrite Learning Pen – a digital pen that recognises writing errors and points them out with a subtle vibration. Aimed at children as a cool learning tool, or as a gadget for anyone, the VibeWrite Learning Pen paves the way for the company’s next product, VibeWrite Office, which is designed with adults in mind. It is a smart business pen for digital note-taking, allowing for more efficient office workflows. vibewrite


With Mobalo’s platform, every businesses that has some sort of local relevance with their product or target group can design their own text-based advertisement. The advertisements are displayed on mobile devices in a certain radius around their points of sale, filling ad space on mobile websites or apps which potential customers are already using every day (like weather apps or gaming apps).  This startup also offers system integration and much more customization options for larger customers and agencies. 

[youtube id=’Ie5AzeIkpLc’]

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