They come from a land Down Under – 8 Startups from Oz

In 2013, attendees from 97 different countries came to Web Summit. Many Aussies have decided to come back – why not join them?


No, not quite a collection of startups from the fantasy Land of Oz that was terrorised by the Wicked Witch of the West and a poor James Franco reboot in 2013, these are the startups all the way from Australia. Eight companies brimming with potential that are making the long-haul flight from the other side of the world to pitch their stall at Web Summit 2014 this coming November. Excitement is building on both sides of the equator for their arrival in November. Especially among our Startups Team at Web Summit who feel the following startups have quite interesting concepts to share in Dublin. Between redefining how music is thought to promoting positive mental health, these startups from Australia have a lot of bases covered.

Pack & Jill

Pack & Jill is an early stage e-commerce startup based in Adelaide, Australia. Its founder is leading the creation of a new online lifestyle brand inspired by the golden age of travel. Pack & Jill will design, manufacture and sell premium travel goods direct to consumers via an online store. Using distinctive design with a combination of natural materials and craftsmanship they aim to produce timeless bags and gear at a revolutionary price point by cutting out middlemen and selling direct to consumers worldwide. Pack & Jill will bring a new retail experience to the modern day commuter, traveler and explorer.


Mobilyser takes the guesswork out of your mobile expense claims. The Mobilyser App synchronises with your call logs and contacts, allowing you to efficiently ‘tag’ existing contacts and newly dialled numbers as being work related. Mobilyser drastically reduces the time consuming task of itemising work-related calls, data and SMS usage. The unique “tag as you call” feature is the only solution on the market that prompts you to assign a tag to a number following the end of a call. You don’t even have to upload a bill, Mobilyser can generate a claimable amount based on the data collected by the app, so by the time your bill arrives the hard work is already done. The App and accompanying portal solution allow you to segment expenditure and generate accurate reports for your monthly and yearly spends at the click of a button.


Tactify makes mobile and contextual marketing easy with real-world products and solutions for businesses and consumers. Using Near Field Communications, Beacon technology, QR and Geo fencing, Tactify allows you to create a dashboard where anyone from retail managers, advertising agencies or large enterprises can connect, design and build their own interactive mobile or print campaigns to communicate and engage with consumers.

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School of Music Online

“A fresh approach to delivering music education,” is how Kim Cook, the lead designer at the School of Music Online (SOMO), describes their project. SOMO’s unique platform and sleek design backs up Cook’s claims. The website based platform that allows people to learn how to play piano and violin – with other instruments coming soon – facilitates users of all levels and courses are also available in many different languages. SOMO already has 22,000+ students and with its user base growing who knows, maybe the next Tchaikovsky or Niccolo Paganini may have just registered their account.


With its unique e-commerce interface, trendii is a service that can help you keep on top of trends and know how to manipulate them to create and publish viral content for social media. In turn the app also has a rewards system in place, meaning the success of their content could even land them some money in their pocket, as the service rewards users based on the popularity of their trends.


With the stigma surrounding mental health and talking about your feelings widespread worldwide, it can be difficult to find other people to share your experiences with and identify with people going through the same issues as you. However, the TalkLife app is here to change all that. This is a platform that will allow people to chat with others who do know what they’re going through and feel supported by a network of experienced individuals in dealing with these issues. Acting as a peer-to-peer social network, this will be a safe space for people with mental health issues where they can go to ask advice, make new friends, find understanding people with experience dealing in promoting mental health, and read blogs that will also be loaded with healthy advice to promote mental well-being.

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Blrt are very much a rising company that is here to help improve social and business communication. “Goodbye meetings, calls and emails” is their first proclamation and although that sounds quite ambitious, hear them out. As a free app (iOS now, Android/Mac/Windows coming), Blrt is a service anyone can use to express your thoughts verbally and visually, just like you would in person but without having to be at a meeting, on a conference call or even being available at the same time as others. Create a Blrt by talking, pointing, zooming and drawing over webpages/PDFs/images, and send it to colleagues. Revisit old Blrt conversations if you didn’t quite catch something in a meeting, and even reply in your own time if you are busy. Blrt helps you have fewer and better meetings, at your own pace, with the potential to share your ideas clearly. 


Every company runs projects and sometimes the workload to get to the finish line can mount up. The minds behind Grapple want to help businesses stop this from happening and after putting a lot of research into what the major issues project managers have to deal with are, they feel they’ve cracked the code. Grapple can help with all aspects of project management by mainly organising your data more efficiently and in turn making it easier for you to make decisions. Taking away the hours of plugging data into spreadsheets and writing reports, Grapple will save businesses time (and of course money) so those all important projects stay on course.

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