8 Incredible Startup Achievements – The Summit Class of 2013

Last year we welcomed over 1000 early and growth stage startups to The Summit in Dublin and today, we’ve opened applications for our ALPHA Program at The Summit 2014 – more details here. As part of our new Startup Success Series, we’re catching up with a selection of the best and the brightest startup teams to find out what’s changed for their company in the past year and how The Summit benefited their startup.


Acquired by PCH International

“The Summit was my first time connecting with PCH International. PCH was announcing their HWY1 incubator at the event, and it was that announcement and the PCH booth at The Summit that first put the company more prominently on my radar. We would go on to be acquired by PCH 9 months later.”

“The Summit was a great way to meet and reconnect with some of the best founders in the Bay area and from around the world. It was an incredibly well planned event, done in a highly curated and intimate setting.”

Katherine Hague and Andrew Louis, Co-founders of Shoplocket

Shoplocket 2


Secured $5.4m in fundraising

“In Singapore, it is difficult to get the attention of US and European investors. The Summit gave us a lot of exposure to these investors and the staff were very helpful in setting up meaningful intros to investors by taking the time to ensure that there was a good fit.”

“My favourite Summit experiences were the more intimate gatherings at the speaker dinners where you really got a chance to exchange ideas with other founders and investors in a casual environment.”

– Roger Egan, CEO and co-founder of Redmart

Redmart 2


Preparing to announce $2million Series A Funding Round

“The Summit gave us our first bit of exposure to the global tech community and pitching events happening in other more established countries. Our main goals were to pitch for potential funding and validate our idea amongst a global audience of VC’s, mentors and seasoned Entrepreneurs. After the event we had numerous VC partners and private Angels approach us and we continued our conversations until recently, when we signed a LOI for $ 2 million Series A with a Dutch VC.”

“My favourite Summit experience had to be Elon Musk’s speech, it was epic and  emotional. We just felt so proud of the South African born Entrepreneur. It was a great feeling to know that anyone anywhere in the world with vision, commitment, dedication, passion and will power can achieve anything their heart desires.”

–  Tobie Van Zyl, CEO and founder of bSavi

Toby Van 2


Received €1.2m in second seed funding round.

“It’s benefited me mainly by giving me inspiration – seeing all the big names in tech in Dublin, seeing them face to face, meeting these people, having them influence you and increase your own ambitions. It gives you the feeling that being from Ireland we could play on the same field as some of the brightest tech minds.”

“Having access to everybody in the one place and being able to do deals was my favourite Summit experience I was extremely busy at The Summit because I was in the middle of negotiations. START was great because we really used the lobby area for a number of the negotiations and discussions – so to be able to have the peace and quiet away from the mayhem was great.”

– Rory O’Connor, Founder and CEO of Scurri 

Rory O'Connor and Aidan Shine 2


Raised $1.1M in funding

“Forgetting all the networking and buzz, the speakers at The Summit were authentically inspiring. The Summit gets the freshest, most honest and most successful startup founders in the world to talk about what they do and how they do it. Absorbing that is priceless.”

“My favourite Summit 2013 experience had to be getting a tour of the Aviva Stadium from Jamie Heaslip!”

Paul Quigley, Co-founder of NewsWhip

Paul Quigley, CEO (l) and Andrew Mullaney, CTO (r) 2


Raised funding at START

“The Summit helped us build very strong, deep roots with a bunch of early stage investors that we are working with, and that we hope to make some formal announcement about in the near future. It also helped us create a brand through the Night Summit where a small unknown startup got huge visibility because of the angle we took at the night event.”

“The most enjoyable experience for me was actually being in the startup village and talking to customers and users, and seeing their eyes light up. I’ve been underwhelmed by other conferences because I didn’t know how to engage at them, but at The Summit I felt like I knew how to engage instantly.”

Sachin Duggal, Founder of Shoto

Sachin Tadukin 2

Iris Intranet

Silicon Valley Design Award Winners

“The Summit gave us better insights into the world of venture capitalists and startups. By doing so we are better prepared in our meetings with potential investors. It was a great experience, and I made lots of interesting new contacts.”

“For me the highlight of The Summit was meeting Robert Scoble and Shel Israel and talking to them about our way of using context awareness and human centered design in our Iris Intranet.”

– Arthur Turksma, Owner of Iris Intranet

Arthur Turks 2


Undisclosed funding round

“The Summit was a crucial turning point for FinderCodes. I could not have imagined that in only a couple of days how transformational one conference could be for our company. We were able to meet, connect and form real partnerships with VC’s, Angel Investors, and other tech startups founders.”

“Hands down my favourite experiences were the small breakout sessions, Pub Crawl, Founders Dinner, Breakfast events. What an amazing way to get to know people on a more intimate and meaning full level.”

 – John Valiton, Co-founder of Findercodes

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