8 Days to go, 100 Investors to come

What’s going on at Web Summit? Check out the agenda here.


8 days and counting until Web Summit kicks off, and Dublin welcomes 20,000 people to eat, meet, play and learn at Europe’s largest tech event. Today we’re delighted to share another 100 names of investors that will be touching down in sunny (probably not!) Dublin early next week. With so many great startups on show these investors are in for a treat:

Abdulaziz Alhargan – Co-Founder, Kentune Consultancy
Adrian Mullett – Head of Technology Sector, Bank of Ireland
Alex Ikonn – Co-Founder, Dreamers & Creators
Ali Esfahani – Vice President, Morgan Stanley
Allan Majotra – Private Equity Finance and Banking, Silicon Valley Bank
Alpesh Doshi – Director, Fintricity
Alvaro Abella – CFO, BECO Capital
Amber Schoenberger – Director of Society Services, Kauffman Fellows
Arthur Porré – Associate, Avolta Partners
Auke van den Hout – Founder & Angel Investor, ReturnSocial
Beth Robertson – Manager, Endeavor Global
Bob van Nortwick – Investor, Amazon Web Services
Brendan Thomas – Director, Sherwood Compliance Services
Brian Sheridan – Partner, COSIMO Venture Partners
Bruce Aust – Vice Chairman, NASDAQ
Cesare Maifredi – General Partner, 360° Capital Partners
Ciaran Hynes – Managing Partner, COSIMO Venture Partners
Dan Reed – Managing Director, American Family Ventures
Danny Hadar – Partner, Peregrine Ventures
Dany Farha – CEO & Founder, BECO Capital
Denning Tan – Corporate Strategy / Angle Investor, 123RF
Enrique Penichet – Managing Partner, Business Booster
Etienne Moreau – Digital Development, Orange
Ezekiel Chidi Odiogo – Principal Investment Officer, African Development Bank
Fred Davis – Partner, The Raine Group
George Babu – Kauffman Fellow, Kauffman Fellows Program
George Kafka – Founder, Trans-Europe
Gerry Maguire – Partner, Atlantic Bridge
Grace Gould – Associate, Index Ventures
Guy Coupez – Associate, Communication Lab SA
Ian Ellis – Director, Morgan Stanley
Jackie Quinn – Director, QCF Corporate Finance
Jacob Nizri – Angel Investor, Lycos Labs
James Conlon – Partner, Bullpen Capital
James Sore – Investor & Director, SyndicateRoom
Jan Hammer – Partner, Index Ventures
Jeremy Yap – Angel Investor
Jez San – Investor, Bitcoin Companies
Joey Mason – Investor, Delta Partners
John Grobstein – Angel Investor
Juha Christensen – Angel Investor
Julia Hawkins – Digital Strategy Manager, Universal Music Group
Justin Kan – Partner, Y Combinator
Kassia Shishkoff – Analyst, Sandbox Industries
Koichiro Nakamura – Funding Partner, Sozo Ventures
Leonid Gluzman – Angel Investor
Lev Mass – Venture Partner, XSeed Capital
Lorenzo Wood – Chief Innovation Officer, DigitasLBi
Maher Hakim – Angel Investor
Malte Janzarik – Principal, TPG Capital
Marie Geneste – Head of Innovation, Lagardere
Marta Domanska – Business Development Project Manager Grupa Pracuj S.A.
Michael Copeland – Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Michael Jackson – Partner, Mangrove Capital Partners
Michael Peiniger – Investor / Business Angel, Peinvest
Mitch Thrower – Founder & Investor, Events.com
Monthida McCoole – Angel Investor
Morgan Beller – Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Nancy Fechnay – Investor, Techstars
Nazo Moosa – Managing Partner, C5 Capital Ltd
Nelson Griggs – EVP, Nasdaq
Nicholas DiCarlo – Vice President, Virtual Reality & Immersive Products, Samsung Mobile USA
Nils T. Kohle – CEO & Angel Investor, Prantos.com
Oussama Ammar – Co-Founder, TheFamily
Pankaj Sood – Fellow Action, Canada
Paul Kwan – Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
Paul Thiekotter – Investment Manager, Raffay & Cie. / RI Digital
Pegah Ebrahimi – Chief Operations Officer, Morgan Stanley
Peter Johan Sønderby-Wagner – CEO, Luxplus
Peter Newell – Vice President, Sandbox Industries
Philip Wilkinson – Angel Investor
Piotr Sienkiewicz – Partner, ProFound Ventures
Raomal Perera – Angel Investor
Ricardo Schaefer – Business Development, Seedcamp
Robert Maynard – Angel Investor
Rory O’Sullivan – Partner, Bulger Partners
Seth Page – Board of Directors / Angel Investor, i.me
Shane Naughton – Managing Partner, Inundata
Simon McDermott – Angel Investor
Stacey Kalovidouris – Fellow, Kauffman Fellows
Stephanie Hospital – Founder, One Ragtime
Steve Snyder – Partner, Gesmer Updegrove
Steven Guggenheimer – CVP and Chief Evangelist, Microsoft Ventures
Susan Devine – Director of Investor Relations, Slated, Inc.
Tatiana Collis – M&A and New Business Director, Magazine Luiza
Tim Duggan – CEO, Speed Lebanon
Tim Moran – Managing Member, Precedo Capital Group
Tom Peruzzi – MD, P-Hold
Uri Yarden – CEO, Eshbol
Vadim Rogovskiy – Angel Investor
Vitaliy Gubskyy – Investment Banking, Analyst Barclays
Vlad Dabija – Director, Intellectual Ventures
Vojtech Horna – Communications Manager, Index Ventures
Wesley Hartley – Investment Manager, Northstar Ventures
Will Guyster – Fellowship Program Manager, MIT Legatum Center for Development & Entrepreneurship
William McMahon – Associate, Highland Capital
Xavier Buck – Angel Investor
Yasmin Razavi – Associate, Index Ventures
Zahra Hassan – Vice President, The Raine Group
Zubin Chagpar – Investor, Amazon Web Services

What’s on the Web Summit agenda? Find out here.

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