60 Seconds With …. Playtabase

Today is the first instalment of our ’60 Seconds With’ Series. Over the coming weeks we’ll sit down + get to know a bit more about all the different groups that make The Summit the event it is. The series will feature quickfire Q & A’s with Speakers, Startups, Media, Investors, Attendees and even the staff here at The Summit Dublin, so you’ll know more than enough by the time November comes around

Today we’re chatting to Playtabase Director of Business Development John Valiton. Playtabase are creating fun solutions for everyday life, as demonstrated with the launch of their latest product Reemo – the wrist worn mouse to control your world.

Who would be the last person you would invite to a party?

That guy who you can never get to leave…even after three days.

Who would be the first?

The other guy who will promise to take the first guy with him when he goes.

Favourite Day Ever at work?

Giving a Speech to the University of Minnesota Carlson Business School Entrepreneurship Program. Very fun to talk with several very bright young minds.

Ideal Christmas Present?


Favourite saying?

1. Good things are good and hardware is hard.

2. It is what it is. Neither good nor bad.

3. Not to be a dick…but

Three celebrities coming for dinner, you’re cooking – who are they?

Sir Richard Branson, Alton Brown, Stephen King

[youtube id=”XH-rdYoj8H0″]

Name your favourite film?

The Usual Suspects

How do you relax?

Spending time on the water.

What was your first job?

Caddy at golf Country club.

Biggest thrill?

The birth of my kids.

Biggest disappointment?

When you realize that your idols are human.

What’s the best advice you didn’t take?

To listen more and talk less.

Playtabase 50

Your concept of heaven?

I believe that I may be living it now.

Your concept of hell?

Having to sit still for extended periods of time.

If not a human being, which animal would you be and why?

A bear. What could be a better life than that. Hanging out in the woods all day?

If you were told the world was ending tomorrow what would you do?

Gather my family together. Tell them I love them and have one last great meal with them all.

Most useless invention?

The Segway

Where would you want to be right now?

Exactly where I am!

Thanks John! 60 Seconds With will be coming twice a week for the next while, if you want to be featured you can mail us at hugh@thesummit.co . The Playtabase co-founders met at The Summit 2013, why not start your journey there by signing up for ALPHA here.


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