60 Seconds With… James Digby

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Speakers, startups, investors, general attendees… they’re all crucial parts of the Web Summit puzzle, and if one is missing, the event wouldn’t be the same. One such person making a unique contribution to Web Summit 2014, and the European tech industry as a whole, is James Digby. He’s also the third person to undergo rapid-fire questioning in our 60 Seconds with… Series.

Indeed we could spend all day talking to James, let alone 60 seconds – for someone so fresh-faced, he is a man with a wealth of experience in an unbelievable range of roles.

As the creator of many startups himself, he is a co-founder of Amsterdam-based accelerator programme Rockstart, giving other entrepreneurs support and advice for making their way in the industry. As well as sitting on all kinds of boards, juries and panels, James is CMO of AIRTAME, the creators of a dongle that allows wireless HDMI streaming between any monitor and device, and who will be on the Startup track at this year’s Web Summit. James also finds the time to be a die-hard Arsenal fan. Let’s see how he held up under questioning…

Who would be the last person you would invite to a party?

No-one gets left behind for a party.

Who would be the first?

Will Ferrell

Ideal Christmas Present? (Can’t say AIRTAME)

A pair of the BOSE QC15’s

Favourite day ever at work?

Hosting the kick off event for Get in the Ring at the Kauffman Foundation for Global Entrepreneurship Week

What was your first job?


Biggest Thrill?

Raising my first startup fund

Biggest disappointment?

My second startup, and first (of many) startup failures

Your concept of Heaven?

A world where unicorns can roam free

Your concept of Hell?

A world full of comic sans

How do you relax?

Grab a meal with friends and family

Favourite Movie?

Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark

Favourite invention?

The internet. It led to some pretty awesome things.

What’s the best advice you didn’t take?

To finish my studies

Describe the key to a successful crowd-funding campaign in 3 words?

Interact with contributors

Finally, where would you like to be right now?

In New York – I love it this time of year.

Applications for Alpha Startups are still open. Apply here.

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