A Pro-NFL Astronaut, Sabermetrics & 3 other cool things at Sport Summit

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From soccer to surfing, ice hockey to baseball and everything in between – Sport Summit is shaping up to be one of the most intriguing parts of Web Summit 2014. Here are just a taster of some of the people, things and themes that will be on show at Sport Summit 2014:

An NFL playing Astronaut

‘From Rock Bottom to Outer Space’ Yes that’s right, this is the story of Leland Melvin. Leland was a High School & College Football Star, before his progress led him to the National Football League, where he spent time with the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys. Injury put a  stop to his pro football days, but Leland went on to bigger and better things, becoming a NASA astronaut and American Engineer.

This great video from The Verge is just a taster of what Leland will be discussing at Web Summit.

[youtube id=”ylf8pM8XMBY”]

Soccernomics meets Sabermetrics

Similarities between soccer and baseball may be few, and that is what will make the fireside between Bill James (The Father of Sabermetrics) & Simon Kuper (Soccernomics) all the more interesting. Bill is widely accredited for creating the Moneyball theory which changed the game of baseball, and led the Boston Red Sox to the much coveted World Series victory in 2003.

Similar to Bill, Simon’s book Soccernomics pioneers a new way of looking at soccer through meticulous data analysis. This fireside is sure to open a lot of eyes about how we look at professional sport, and what factors are really needed to win.

[youtube id=”AiAHlZVgXjk”]

The Evolution of Sports Broadcasting

Sports broadcasting is a billion dollar industry but with the advent of streaming, vines and uploads  people are changing their viewing habits on almost a yearly basis. Where will broadcasting take us next, and is it just a matter of time before we  strap on a VR helmet to experience the game first hand …. from our living room.

BT Sport Final

Is Fantasy Better than Reality

Well is it? This is a panel discussion with Nigel Eccles (Fanduel Co-founder), Killian Jones (PlayOn, Founder) & Xavier Bidault (NBA) on the increased popularity  of Fantasy Sports, in particular in the US.

Fantasy Football 1

How the biggest club in the world engages their fans

Manchester United have close to a billion supporters worldwide, but how does a team with a fanbase that stretches from Las Vegas to Singapore communicate with their fans in a meaningful way? Richard Arnold the Group Managing director of Manchester United will tell us.

Man Utd Final

Oh, and some of the biggest sports stars from around the world – Find out more here.

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