5 things you’ll find at Music Summit

From Smashing Pumpkins, to Soundcloud  the Music Summit is going to have it all. Want to be there? Get your ticket here.


From pirate radio to MTV, and Napster to Spotify, how we buy, hear, promote and make music has changed radically in a short period of time. The Music Summit will explore these changes with some of the most influential figures in music today. To whet the appetite here are 5 things you’ll need to be keeping an eye out for at Music Summit.

1. The rise and fall and rise again of the music video

Where did it come from, and where did it go? Music Summit  will explore the music video with Kevin Godley, co-founder of Whole World Band and award-winning music video director, discussing innovation in his landmark videos, Rockit – Herbie Hancock, and Even Better than the Real Thing – U2 among others. 

Also keep an eye out for Shannon Connolly of MTV and Ciaran Bollard of Muzu who will chart the renewed importance of the video in breaking and maintaining acts.

[youtube id=”GHhD4PD75zY”]

2. How to make a legacy act relevant to the digital generation

In a keynote address Jeff Jampol, manager of the Doors, and the Ramones, will talk about the challenge of winning new fans, for older acts, whilst not comprising artistic integrity.

Jeff Jampol Final

3. What does streaming mean for the artist?

Music Summit will explore one of the key questions facing the music industry. The heads of SoundCloud and Rdio will discuss what streaming means for music acts, in terms of revenue and promotion.

Eric Wahlforss Final

4. Jimmy Chamberlin from The Smashing Pumpkins

JImmy Chamberlin of the Smashing Pumpkins will talk about his career in the legendary band, and how he hopes to make the live streaming of
gigs the next experience for the music fan.

Jimmy Chamberlin Finalee

5. Beyonce’s Head of Digital

And Lauren Wirtzer-Seawood, head of digital for Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment, will discuss how fan engagement has played a key role for Beyonce’s success.

Beyonce Final

Music, Film, Sport & Food. Want to be a part of it? Get your Web Summit ticket here.

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