5 things you’ll find at Machine Summit

The most innovative devices and disruptive hardware startups will be on show at Machine Summit – tickets are still available


Mankind has always been obsessed with machines. Whether it’s the Ancient Greeks with the first catapult, Otto Lilienthal’s early hang-glider or the Z1 computer, technological hardware has always fascinated us.

Fast-forward to today and it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the progress we’ve made in just the past decade. Devices and machines are no longer individual but are interconnected. We don’t just use them but embed them within our lives, and vice versa.

At Machine Summit, discussions will explore how hardware has changed and how it will evolve in the coming years. The latest most innovative IoT products will be on show while key industry leaders will share their innovations and insights.

If that sounds good, then keep reading – there’s so much to look out for at Machine Summit.

1. The future of the drone

Possibly the most pressing issue at Machine Summit, the future of the drone is sure to spark some fascinating discussion. With military use of drones giving them a bad rap, innovative companies like Airware will instead demonstrate how drones can drastically improve services and logistics across a broad range of sectors such as agriculture, fuel exploration, surveying and mapping, wildlife conservation and more.

How will laws and regulations keep up with ever-developing technology? Will the coming years see the presence of drones in our skies become the norm? It’ll be intriguing stuff, and you’ll be able to get your hands on the coolest new drone hardware.


2. The man who designed Beats headphones

Robert Brunner is a seriously prolific designer. Since moving on from his position as Apple’s industrial design director in the late nineties (during which time he hired Jony Ive) his company, Ammunition Group, have been behind some incredibly successful products. In turning a bulky piece of hardware into a flashy fashion statement, Brunner designed one of the most successful electronics products of the 21st Century – Beats by Dr Dre.

His Beats designs have become iconic, and no doubt played a major factor in his former employer buying the headphone company earlier this year. Brunner is also behind the new Polaroid Cube, a device that has strikingly reinvented a classic brand for a younger generation.


3. A cyborg activist

We’re so attached to our smartphones that in some ways maybe we’re all cyborgs already, and that will only become more true as wearable technology becomes the new norm. But Moon Ribas takes things to a different level and changes the definition of wearable tech.

The Catalan choreographer believes in heightening the senses through technological devices – having previously spent 3 months wearing kaleidoscopic glasses (with which she couldn’t see shapes but only colour), one of her latest projects involves wearing sensors that vibrate in reaction to earthquakes around the world. She then translates that output into performance art, creating captivating dance pieces in the process.

[youtube id=’1Un4MFR-vNI’]

4. Minority Report’s John Underkoffler

Now CEO of Oblong Industries, Underkoffler’s most mainstream achievement came as designer of the computer interfaces in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report.

However, his keynote speech at Machine Summit will address how Oblong is at the cutting edge of gestural technology, and how their commercial versions of the Minority Report computers are opening up spatial, networked, multi-user, multi-screen and multi-device computing environments.

[vimeo id=’97753856′]

5. Everything you already know, but smarter

So you’ve got a smartphone. Who doesn’t? Things are way more exciting than that at Machine Summit. That’s right: we’ll be learning all about smart cars… smart homes… even smart cities.

Jeff Hagins of Web Summit success story SmartThings is speaking. The co-Founder/CTO will be joined by Professor Rob Kitchin of Dublin Dashboard and some of the key figures behind Barcelona’s smart city revolution.

jeff hagins

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