5 secrets *they* don’t want you to know about Builders Summit

What’s on the agenda? Find out here.


Engine Yard’s PJ Hagerty who will be MC’ing the Builders Summit (along with our very own Eamon Leonard) takes a look at some of the most exciting people and themes to look out for at Builders Summit:

The Builder’s of the world have always started in a shroud of secrecy. Not due to some archaic ritual or some need to protect an idea, but because the act of building first starts in the mind. A creative spark leads to an idea that leads to collaborations and ends in something the world has never experienced. Whether it’s solving a problem more succinctly than ever before or finding a brand new niche, the speakers on the Builder’s stage will take you through the process of how it’s done, along with what has (and hasn’t) worked.

To give you a better idea of what’s in store on the Builder’s Stage at Web Summit this year, we’ll take a look at five of the speakers ready to bring you from idea to innovation.

Anna Patterson

Considered by many to be one of the top women in computer science, Anna Patterson has made a name for herself as a pioneering builder. After leaving Google, she built her own search engine based on algorithms she felt were better than what was being used at the time. From this effort came Cuil, Patterson’s own search engine. It was such a strong application of search technology, her former employer saw the value in it and Anna found herself back at Google, this time as Vice President of Engineering.

Anna Patterson Builders Featured Image 2

Werner Vogels

Many people tend to forget that Computer Science is, in fact, a science (although the word is right there, it’s hard to miss). In the case of Dr. Werner Vogels, his career began at a university research laboratory. Trying to solve the problem of scalable reliable enterprise systems, Werner let his interests in scalable and distributed systems to take him into the cloud, eventually leading him to become one of the builder’s of Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) division. Now CTO and Vice President of Amazon, he continues to research and uses his ideas to push the edges of how services can scale in distributed environments.


Randall Thomas

Two words: Heavy Metal. Contrary to popular belief, most Heavy Metal, like building applications, has great mathematical complexity, requires a combination of talent and learned skills, and is from random screaming and banging of instruments (or slamming of keyboards). Randall Thomas has applied what he’s learned as a musician and what he’s learned in the world of technology to create ThunderBolt Labs. Randall understands Big Data and the problems facing modern application builder’s today. He can teach us all how to take things from crescendo to arpeggio to sustained, solid stability and keep a smile on our faces all along the way.

Randall Thomassss

Alex Klein

In the future, the world could be a technical utopia.  The key to this is getting resources in the hands of the right people.  Alex Klein was inspired by the simplicity of new super-microcomputers like the Raspberry Pi, so he took the opportunity to make it easier for anyone to get in the game.  Alex’s design of the Kano computer kit is changing the way people are starting to program.  Around the world the young, the remote, those who commonly would be unable to get involved are becoming the people who will change the world.

Alex Kanoooo

Cat Posey

Finding a problem and solving it is the cornerstone of a builder’s life. In the case of Cat Posey, she saw the problem and is not only working to solve it, but is becoming a representative of the solution. With Tech by Superwomen, Cat is emphasizing the positive benefit of having a diverse community in technology. Breaking down barriers is often the first step to building things the way we want them to be, and Cat is willing to bust through anything in her path to build the tech community of the future.

Builder’s are inherently on the move and ever changing. The work on smaller problems to resolve the larger issue that sparked the idea for what it is they want to build. With three days of insights, inspirations, tips, tricks, and secrets from these builder’s and many more, you will gain the knowledge needed to become part of the next set of builder’s in the world of technology.

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