5 Minutes With… Thiel Fellow William LeGate

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This week I caught up with teenage entrepreneur and Thiel Fellow, William LeGate.

William founded an iOS app startup when he was 13 after teaching himself Objective C from online Stanford courses.

Now, one in sixteen US teenagers use his apps.  He has created over a dozen apps which have received over 5 million downloads and have peaked at the second-most downloaded spot in the entire App Store, above billion dollar brands’ apps like Facebook.

William, if you hadn’t founded Ponder what would you be doing now?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur since I started making apps when the App Store came out when I was in 7th grade, so another startup probably! Something in the general space of consumer-facing products with some sort of recurring revenue model.


What other app on the market are you most impressed by at the moment?

Uber continues to impress me, particularly now with Uber Eats where you can have an incredible meal delivered usually within 2-3 minutes… It’s really crazy. I also love the automation app Workflow which was made by two other Thiel Fellows.

Who are you looking forward to meet at Web Summit?

Meredith Perry because she is the bomb and I live in LA as well.

Mike Krieger because his journey is something I hope to one day emulate.

Steve Angello because who doesn’t like him?


How did you become so interested in tech at such a young age?

It’s always been something I’ve just been naturally interested in. The biggest thing that pulled me into the space though was when I started making pennies a month off a blog I had in 5th grade. Making money without physical labour or selling physical items was an incredible concept to me at the time.

Where do you want to be 12 months from now?

Playing a leading role in a startup whose products are in the hands of hundreds or thousands, maybe millions of consumers across the globe.

Don’t miss William at Web Summit less than a month from now. Make sure you get your ticket soon.

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