5 Minutes with… Rodial’s Maria Hatzistefanis

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Maria Hatzistefanis is the face of the cult skincare brand, Rodial. Since its inception in 1999 it’s become a staple beauty brand for women around the world. Maria herself has a gathered a large Instagram and YouTube following and is well versed in social media strategy.

We caught up with Maria to chat about being a social media influencer and her talk at Web Summit…


If you could only be on one social platform for the rest of your life, what would you choose: YouTube, Twitter or Instagram?

Without a doubt Instagram. I get so much inspiration from it, both in my personal life and for my business.

Your feed is gorgeous and you’ve got over 260,000 followers. Can you let us in on the secret to building a following on Instagram?

I don’t think there is a secret, it’s just something I really enjoy. It’s a great way be able to connect with our customers all over the world and in a way that wasn’t possible until very recently.

I manage my personal handle 100% myself which I think is very important, I also take most of the pictures myself and curate it in a very editorial way.

Some of my tips are to use interesting hashtags to get people to discover you and time your posts at the most popular times. I find 7-9am and 6-8pm are great times to post as well as mid-morning Sunday.

Give us a taste of what you’ll be discussing at Web Summit.

I will be talking about how we communicate with our customer in the digital age through social media and celebrity associations. I will also be talking about the power of YouTube in the industry and how it’s changed branding and advertising.

Finally, what words of wisdom do you live by?

Make it happen.

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