5 minutes with… Robbie Williams’s co-manager Tim Clark

Tim Clark knew Robbie Williams was going to be a star before most. He and David Enthoven signed Robbie to their ie:music management company back in 1996 and have managed him since. Tim is coming to Web Summit…

Ie:music also manage Passenger, and as former managing director of Island Records Tim has worked with Bob Marley and Cat Stevens. He’s speaking at Music Summit about live music and whether the monetisation of gig-goers is fair.

Before his appearance, I talked to him about what makes Robbie Williams Robbie Williams, and which member of One Direction is going to have the most successful solo career:

The digital revolution hasn’t been good for musicians’ pay cheques. Has it had a noticeable effect on the quality of music being produced? 

Remarkably not. All great artists are driven by their love of music. They have to write, they must play and fortunately, there are still huge numbers of venues – pubs, small clubs – that are crying out for good artists.

When Take That split up, Robbie wasn’t the favourite to have the most successful career. What made him such a star? 

His extraordinary songwriting abilities, his vocal prowess and unparalleled showmanship.


If you were assembling the perfect band of musicians past and present, who would make the cut?  

When will CDs stop being produced?

Within 5 years they will be a niche product. Physical products will have little to recommend them other than touch and feel.

Digital distribution allows for portability, instant access, zero storage problems and quality that is improving all the time.

Which member of One Direction is most likely to have the most successful solo career? Why?
I’m not really qualified to answer but I imagine Harry Styles.

Join Tim at Web Summit. Get your ticket.

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